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what is Force Plates thumbnail
Force Plates Overview and Their Applications
What is a force plate? A force plate is a measuring platform with a piezoelectric force sensor in every...
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Enraf-Nonius COMPACT Thumbnail
What You Need to Know about High Energy Inductive Therapy
Life is an Electromagnetic Event Research on the use of electronic fields for pain management focuses...
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Simulab CentraLineMan Training Thumbnail
Reduce Infection Rate & Hospital Costs with Simulab CentraLineMan Training
Dr. Jeffrey H. Barsuk, Associate Professor in Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine Simulation...
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BMEC - Your Advanced Healthcare Solutions

At BMEC, our mission is to provide technologies to enable our customers to educate, treat, care, and realise their fullest potential in healthcare and sports.

BMEC offers a diverse range of services from designing rehab centers to building sports performance centers, healthcare simulation labs and sensory rooms.

Apart from designing & building various health and sports related facilities, BMEC also supplies and setup a wide range of biomedical products for Rehab, Nursing, Sports Science and Healthcare Simulation.

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