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Novotec Medical


A TÜV-certified manufacturer of Galileo® Training devices.

To ensure highest quality, all products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Apart from medical application in therapy and diagnostics, fitness and wellness is another focus of Novotec Medical.

Vibration plate therapy involves using a device that delivers vibratory impulses to the body. This method stimulates muscle contractions and boosts circulation, aiming to enhance physical fitness, alleviate pain, and expedite recovery across various health scenarios. It finds application in both rehabilitative medical treatments and fitness programs, offering a range of health benefits through its innovative approach to physical therapy and exercise.

Featured Products


Galileo Med

Muscle stimulation for use in geriatrics.

The device has a generous therapy platform offers enough space for basic exercises on fall prevention, balance and stretching. 

The wide frequency range enables functional therapy from proprioception to strenuous muscle building.

Some models in this series such as Galileo® Med 40 and Galileo® Med L offer integrated control panel for independent use.


Galileo Mano

Therapy for hands, arms and upper part of the body.

The Galileo Mano dumbbell systems are particularly used to reduce spasticity, or alleviate movement restrictions and circulatory disorders.

They also improve motor function or invigorate the muscles.

Switching on the integrated Wobbel function enables a random changing stimulation frequency (vibrations per second).

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