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[EVENT] RehabWeek 2023
Overview RehabWeek is a week-long event that brings together different conferences in the field of rehabilitation...
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[EVENT] 6th Singapore Anaesthesia Refresher Course (SARC)
Overview The Singapore Anaesthesia Refresher Course (SARC) is a biennial conference organised by the...
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two asian senior citizen running treadmill
The Effect of Sports on Brain Fitness in Elderly
Exercise in old age boosts brain perfusion and memory in those aged 60-77.
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tekscan f-scan go system
In-Shoe or Platform: Which Gait Technology is Right for You?
Choose between in-shoe and platform gait tech for precise analysis.
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Validating Orthotic Interventions F-Scan
Validating Orthotic Interventions with F-Scan
F-Scan refines orthotics for foot pain relief, reducing surgery needs.
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diabetic foot ulcer treatment device
Confirming Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment with F-Scan
F-Scan heals diabetic foot ulcers with precise pressure analysis.
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ScanTrainer’s New Endometriosis Module to Support Sonographer Learning and Early Diagnosis
Explore the ScanTrainer module for endometriosis diagnosis.
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qualitative vs quantitative muscle assessment
Qualitative vs Quantitative Muscle Assessments
KINVENT transforms physiotherapy with quantitative muscle assessments for better outcomes.
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athlete wearing gait analysis device
Next-level Gait Analysis at the University of Bologna
University of Bologna boosts motion analysis with Xsens' automated MVN Reports.
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To Fill Training Gaps, First Responders Use Simulation Training to Ensure High-Quality Care
Explore how high-tech simulators are transforming emergency response training in Indiana.
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