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Rehabtronics improves the lives of people with mobility impairments using neuroscience innovations.

It saw an opportunity to bring neural rehabilitation discoveries into clinical practice to help patients recover from Stroke, Spinal Cord, and other Neurological Injuries.

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ReJoyce is a rehabilitation workstation and patient evaluation tool designed to help people recover from hand and arm impairment.

It motivates patients with practical games that engage patients in practicing typical activities of daily living (ADLs).

The system includes the ReJoyce Automated Hand Function Test (RAHFT), which helps therapists quickly perform quantitative patient assessments, and create personalized therapy programs.

Benefits of ReJoyce:

  • Reduce the cost pressure on rehabilitation wards, while increasing standard of care
  • Tele-rehabilitation platform, clinics and therapists offer clients specialised, high-intensity, home-based therapy
  • Comes with ReJoyce Automated Hand Function Test (RAHFT), a quick and easy assessment tool
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