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But there’s more to Zephyr™ than experts who keep making breakthroughs with bioinformatics. The products are customisable and easy to use — so you can focus on improving the performance of your people.

Now that Zephyr™ is part of Medtronic, the future looks even better. There’s strength in numbers, and in a shared purpose.

Featured Products


Zephyr Performance Systems

Whether you need to measure an individual recovering from an injury or a number of users, Zephyr™ Performance Systems can be customised to let you do it.

Zephyr™ Performance Systems measure six key inputs that report on more than 20 biometrics. You’ll gain the insights you need to help improve performance wherever your people are tested — in sports, combat, emergency situations and research facilities.

Benefits of Zephyr Performance Systems:

  • Live monitoring of large groups
  • Monitoring of athletes in situations for signs of heat stress or fatigue
  • Team and individual training and fitness reports
  • Measurements of kinematic and physiological variables
  • Detection and monitoring of anaerobic threshold
  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities
  • GPS and player positioning
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