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In rehabilitation, BMEC offers solutions to optimise individuals’ functional abilities and reduce disabilities. Our goal is to help the users to live independently and continue their everyday activities.

Who Needs BMEC Rehab Products?

Rehabilitation might be required at some point in our lives, after an injury, surgery, disease or illness or with age. Usually, rehab products are handled by trained medical professionals as it requires a deeper understanding of the patient’s profiles to apply adequate treatment. Rehab products are commonly adopted by (not limited to):

  • Physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are conducting related body recovery training or sessions
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics for proper in-patient care
  • Patients who are on homecare
  • Specialised clinics which conduct Sensory Integration Therapy

BMEC Rehab Solutions

BMEC Rehab helps to address the root problem of various physical conditions and help to improve the way an individual functions to overcome challenges involved thinking, seeing, hearing, communicating, eating and moving around.

Our rehab solutions help users in (not limited to):

  • Measure, track and analyse body performance
  • Train body functions such as gait and balance, muscle strengthening, cognitive function
  • Improve physical disabilities (e.g. walking disability) or cognitive impairments (e.g. memory loss and autism)
  • Assist in daily living such as wheelchairs, hospital bed, etc.

BMEC Rehab Product Offerings

At BMEC Rehab, we offer a broad range of rehab equipment in the following areas (not limited to):

Pain Therapy
Physical Therapy
Gait Training
Unweighing System
Unweighing System
Dual-tasking Training
Vibration Therapy
Bio feedback Device
Body Assessment
Occupational Therapy