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Healthcare Simulation

In healthcare simulation, BMEC offers solutions to train and prepare healthcare professionals with immersive simulators in delivering the right care required for the actual event.

Who Needs BMEC Healthcare Simulation Products?

Healthcare Simulation products are required to train healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, OT and PTs) in handling patients in different rescue or surgical events. The tools help to simulate scenarios close to the actual event and allow for proper debriefing after the simulation exercise. This helps to raise the effectiveness of training outcomes. Healthcare simulation products are commonly adopted by (not limited to):

  • Medical institutions
  • Other institutions that require human rescue training

BMEC Healthcare Simulation Solutions

BMEC Healthcare Simulation offers a wide range of products that help users to raise the effectiveness of healthcare-related training.

Our healthcare simulation solutions help users in (not limited to):

  • Experiencing a close to life-like simulated scenarios
  • Identifying the areas of improvement with the debriefing solutions
  • More exposure to different rescue scenarios

BMEC Healthcare Simulation Product Offerings

At BMEC Healthcare Simulation, we offer a broad range of healthcare simulation equipment in the following areas (not limited to):

Task Trainers
Skill Trainers
High Fidelity Simulators
Virtual Reality Simulators
Recording & Debriefing Solutions