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[WEBINAR] Stroke Recovery: Battle To Be Better


A stroke is sudden and shocking. For many, it is a devastating hit on their life, and it feels like they can never return to the normality they had before. In collaboration with S3 (Stroke Support Station) for World Stroke Day, our webinar will focus on solutions to empower stroke patients physically and emotionally throughout their recovery journey.

We will be featuring S3’s Stroke Rehabilitation and Wellness Programmes, as well as our WALK-ON Program, an adaptive fitness program for stroke survivors to maximise the potential of regaining independence. A special guest Mr Kelvin Loon will also be coming on to share about his rehabilitation process, and how he deals with internal and external struggles to battle to be better everyday.

Webinar Details
  • Knowledge on common signs of stroke and what one can do when stroke strikes
  • A look into the experience of one’s life after stroke
  • Introduction of stroke rehab solutions and avenues one can approach to maximise stroke recovery
  • Free learning from specialists in stroke rehabilitation
  • Sharing from an actual stroke warrior
  • Q&A Session
  • Physiotherapists, stroke specialists, stroke nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Hospitals, rehab facilities and organisations
  • Stroke patients or anyone who wants to find out more about stroke rehab

Kelvin Loon (@post_stroke_recovery) – Ischemic Stroke Warrior Mr Kelvin Loon has been an ischemic stroke warrior since November 2021, and has gone through therapy sessions with both S3 and BMEC at different stages of his recovery. Throughout his rehab journey, Kelvin shares about his daily workouts and how he charges on despite all the challenges in his way.

S3 (Stroke Support Station) – Stroke Support Station (S3) is the first and only stroke-focused community rehabilitation and wellness agency dedicated to meeting the needs of post-stroke survivors and their caregivers across Singapore. They offer the best of opportunities through tech-assisted and conventional therapy that is person-centred and collaborative. They understand the visible and invisible challenges in stroke care and complement rehabilitation with wellness to ensure holistic approaches to physical, emotional and psychosocial development.

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