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[WEBINAR] As A Nurse, Always Expect The Unexpected


The COVID-19 pandemic has placed nurses in situations tighter than ever before, where they are to perform under intense pressure and have little to no room for errors. Which is why simultaneously, nursing simulation technologies have been making major leaps over these 2 years to better prepare nurses to think on their feet no matter what happens next.

In this month’s webinar, we will have one of our specialists share about their past unexpected experiences as a nurse, and how training with nursing simulators have helped them to combat all sorts of clinical scenarios. What’s more, there will be an extensive LIVE demonstration of Nasco Healthcare’s Geriatric Care Trainer TERi™ together with SKILLQUBE® monitoring system.

Webinar Details
  • Firsthand knowledge of clinical scenarios one may face in the healthcare setting, and what one can do to resolve them.
  • A look into the everyday experience of a nurse.
  • Introduction of nursing simulation solutions that can optimise hands-on skills for future nurses.
  • Specialist sharing his experience as a nurse.
  • LIVE demo of Geriatric Care Trainer TERi™ and SKILLQUBE® monitoring system.
  • Q&A Session
  • Nursing students, trainees and aspiring healthcare professionals.
  • Universities, hospitals, healthcare institutions and organisations.
  • Any healthcare professional who is looking to enhance their hands-on problem solving skills.
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