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Talley designs and manufactures high quality pressure ulcer prevention and management devices. 

Featured Products



The Pulsair choice is a mattress replacement system for patients at high risk of developing pressure ulcers and to manage existing pressure damage. The active 1-in-4 alternating air cells feature AUTOsupport which automatically adjusts and equalises pressure within each of the cells at each stage of the cycle so that support and therapy are maintained at optimum levels. It responds to patient weight, movement and position.

The ortho-differential support (ODSTM) feature provides optimum internal cell pressures to accommodate varying body weights and shapes by supporting smaller, lighter patients on the softer central area of the cell and larger, heavier patients on the firmer outer edges as well as providing a feeling of security for the patient.

Features of PULSAIR CHOICE Air:

  • Individually replaceable cells with safety
  • Multifunctional inner cover
  • CPR-function with transport function
  • Unique design for easy handling and usage
  • Welded cover seams
  • Fully automated pump that adapts individually
  • User-friendly interface
  • Audible and visual notifications
  • Two program modes: Alternating and ODS
  • Silent running and vibration-free


QUATTRO Acute Mattress System

Quattro® Acute, the market leading and highly regarded 1-in-4 alternating therapy mattress, has been refreshed; combining the expertise of Talley Group and Direct Healthcare Group to bring a significantly overhauled control unit design and improved functionality.

  • Active 1-in-4 cell cycle
  • Ortho-differential SupportTM
  • Multi-stretch cover
  • Microclimate management
  • Fully launderable
  • Simply designed interface
  • Fast, safe and easy manual interventions
  • Patient Transport Facility
  • Continuous Low Pressure mode
  • Max Inflation
  • Adjustable Comfort Control


Talley Synchro DVT

Helps to increases blood flow to help reduce the risk of DVT in surgical or immobilised patients.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) remains a major source of complications among hospitalised patients.

The Talley Synchro DVT sequential compression system increases blood flow to help reduce the risk of DVT in surgical or immobilised patients.

  • Intuitive, easy to use pump and garments are quick and simple to set up and operate.
  • Fully automated, whisper-quiet microprocessor controlled power unit operates
  • 3-chamber foot, calf or calf-thigh garments.
  • Visual and audible operation status and fault indicators to enhance patient safety.
  • Soft garment material provides optimal patient comfort and maximises wear time.
  • 75 second cycle time (30 second inflation time, followed by 45 seconds of deflation) with pressures ranging from 40-60mmHg for leg garment operation to
  • 120mmHg for foot garment operation


Venturi Avanti

Controlled NPWT to expedite wound healing and assist wound closure. The large 600ml or 1200ml capacity canisters are ideal for large, complex, non-healing wounds such as full thickness (Stage 3 and Stage 4) pressure ulcers and dehisced surgical wounds where exudate management is problematic. Designed for use with both gauze and foam wound care sets.

  • Continuous or intermittent NPWT
  • Negative pressure range -10mmHg to -180mmHg
  • Gauze or foam wound care sets
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Audible and visual alarms
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