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Rental & Subscription

BMEC offers various rental and subscription service to provide flexible ownership options for our customers.

BMEC In-patient Services: Pressure Relief Mattress Rental

For over 10 years, we have provided pressure relief bed mattress rental services to healthcare institutions, and the key to our business is to maintain high quality and responsive services for all. 


Rental Service Operating Process



  • Use of MaRs, a fully automated platform for
    nurses to place orders, transfer, request for repair or terminate.
  • Linked to SAP/BT via HL7, getting ADT data from Epic.
  • Proven to reduce discrepancy in billing.

State of the Art
Laundry Service

  • State of the art laundry system that complies to Hospital Infection Control Policy, with a well-maintained warehouse capacity.
  • All pumps tested by our engineers before they are sent out.


  • A logistic/ transport team to ensure safe and on-time delivery upon order.


  • Once delivered, our crew will help nurses install and deploy air mattresses for patients.

Mattress Systems For Rental


Care of Sweden CuroCell A4 Dynamic Mattress

An automatic mattress system with a dynamic function, good comfort and functionality, the CuroCell® A4 aids in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries.

It has an automatic control unit with a user-friendly interface, and regulates independently the inner pressure of the mattress to different values based on the user’s weight and position.

Benefits of CuroCell® A4:

  • Individually replaceable cells
  • Unique CPR-function with transport function
  • Unique design for easy handling and usage
  • Fully automated pump that adapts individually
  • User-friendly interface with audible and visual notifications


MSJ Group Gioco Hybrid G4 Hybrid System

Accordion ContentThe Gio-Form Hybrid system is a dynamic alternating mattress replacement system combining the benefits of modern foam technology and traditional dynamic air mattresses. The design is for patients considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing a pressure ulcer.

This ‘Plug and Play’ system is very simple to use and requires minimum basic training to operate.

A combination of the quietest pump on the market and high comfort levels, this system offers a very flexible package with little or no disruption to patient comfort due to the simplicity in setting up in order to meet a particular patient’s clinical requirements.

This, in turn, significantly reduces decontamination and logistical costs.

The HF-welded ‘Dartex’ material outer cover stretches in multiple directions, has excellent permeability properties, and a long life while meeting stringent infection control requirements.



The Pulsair choice is a mattress replacement system for patients at high risk of developing pressure ulcers and to manage existing pressure damage. The active 1-in-4 alternating air cells feature AUTOsupport which automatically adjusts and equalises pressure within each of the cells at each stage of the cycle so that support and therapy are maintained at optimum levels. It responds to patient weight, movement and position.

The ortho-differential support (ODSTM) feature provides optimum internal cell pressures to accommodate varying body weights and shapes by supporting smaller, lighter patients on the softer central area of the cell and larger, heavier patients on the firmer outer edges as well as providing a feeling of security for the patient.

Apart from Care of Sweden CuroCell and MSJ Group Gioco Hybrid, the following mattresses are also available for rental in Singapore:

  • Talley Quattro Plus Air
  • Talley FUSION Hybrid
  • Care of Sweden Optimal Care Duo Foam