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BMEC offers a diverse range of services from designing rehab centers to building sports performance centers, healthcare simulation labs and sensory rooms.

Apart from designing & building various health and sports related facilities, BMEC also supplies and setup a wide range of biomedical products for Rehab, Nursing, Sports Science, Healthcare Simulation, Medical and Sleep Care.

Selected products are also available via our rental and subscription service to provide flexible ownership options for our customers. 

BMEC also offer integrated services in the delivery and commissioning of physical frailty program. These programs aimed at fall prevention amongst others combines comprehensive assessment and intervention using technology and software intelligence to achieve outcomes-driven results.

We cater to hospitals, healthcare/sports institutions, and homes to help them in achieving better outcomes for in-hospital care, sports research, physical recovery or enhancement, medical training, and surgical diagnosis.

BMEC services are:

  • Tailored and customised to each individual customer
  • Flexible and scalable to fit to customer’s requirement
  • Managed by a team of professional engineers and clinicians

Who needs our services?

  • Medical professionals (nurses, doctors) working at hospitals and nursing homes
  • Caretakers from homes
  • Sports coaches and researchers
  • Medical institutions or schools