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Zynex Medical


Zynex Medical was founded in 1996 to develop advanced electrotherapy technology that alleviates chronic pain and aids the recovery of patients affected by debilitating illnesses.

Their product line is FDA-cleared and includes advanced electrotherapy products for home use. It upholds the company’s mission of improving the quality of life of patients suffering from impaired mobility due to stroke, spinal cord injury, or debilitating and chronic pain.

Featured Products



The NexWave is a prescription strength 3-in-1 device with three modalities (IFC, TENS & NMES). These three proven modalities have been used for over 30 years to help patients manage their pain symptoms & reduce or eliminate their need for pain medication.

NexWave is designed to break the pain cycle by:

  • Managing symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, post traumatic and post-surgical pain
  • Relaxing Muscle Spasms
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Maintaining or Increasing ROM
  • Preventing or retarding disuse atrophy
  • Re-educating muscles



NeuroMove is a neurological re-learning tool that promotes neuroplasticity and teaches healthy parts of the brain how to take over lost functionality after stroke. It is FDA-cleared for stroke rehabilitation, and its use has dramatically ameliorated functional impairments in stroke survivors in many clinical studies and in the clinical practice. It is sophisticated enough to employ in the clinic, yet simple enough for patients to use at home. Utilising the device 30 minutes daily for 4–5 months has been shown to yield excellent results.

NeuroMove works by detecting attempts to move a muscle group sent from the brain. These attempts are shown on the display as significant increases in the signal over regular muscle activity. The built-in microprocessor intelligently distinguishes between regular muscle activity, muscle tone, noise, and real attempts in the EMG. When a real attempt is detected, the unit “rewards” the patient with a few seconds of muscle contraction, where the visual and sensory feedback serves as an important element in relearning the movement.

Features of NeuroMove:

  • Built-in battery which needs to be recharged once a week
  • Graphical display with 60 seconds of history and a threshold which is automatically adjusted to an attainable goal
  • Able to detect attempts to move a muscle even before neuron firing can cause visible contractions of muscle fibers
  • Self-adjusting feature not only adjusts to every individual patient, but also adjusts to every new treatment session
  • A mode specifically for spinal cord injury patients, with an EMG setting that is 5 times more sensitive than that of the stroke mode
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