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What Nurses Think of FITLEGS Compression Socks?

FITLEGS Compression Socks

FITLEGS had sent many of their compression stockings to different individuals, who were mostly NHS staff to wear during their shifts or everyday activities. Below you can read their experiences and thoughts on the Everyday Range after wearing them for a period of time.

Honest review of @fitlegseverydaylife compression socks – @thehijabinurse

These were very kindly gifted to me by @fitlegseverydaylife. I knew the benefits of compression socks – they improve circulation and blood flow in your legs – but did I really need them?

They’re recommended for people who are on their feet for a large part of their day – so nurses/STNs are up there. I wanted to really see if they made a difference, so I did shifts with and without them.


My first 12hr shift – WITHOUT:

My legs were really achey! That was perhaps partly to do with the fact it was something new and I hadn’t been used to being on my legs all day. So, I didn’t want to read too much into it.


Second 12hr shift – WITH:

I definitely noticed a difference. There was still some fatigue at the end of the day, but they weren’t aching in the same way.


Second Week – WITH:

I wore them every shift. And I can definitely say my legs felt comfortable not only throughout the shift but after as well.

In case this was down to my body just getting used to the long shifts and being on my feet all day, for “scientific” purposes, I skipped the socks for my third week to see how I felt without them.


Third week – WITHOUT:

Although the achy legs didn’t return at the same level of day one – which means there has been some natural adjustment – my legs did feel heavier at the end of the day, and by the end of the week I definitely needed a massage! They weren’t painful, but uncomfortable and tired.

So, there are clearly benefits to these socks. My legs felt more comfortable and rested when I wore them. They have a compression level of 14-17mmHg so are fine for everyday wear, not super tight or hard to put on.

All in all, I definitely recommend getting yourself a few pairs! I’ll be ordering some more for myself too.

Pregnancy and tired, achy, swollen legs/ankles/feet? Sound familiar? – @sarahjkingx

I defo did when I was pregnant with Millie, and then continued to suffer from sore feet when I spent long periods of time in a day on my feet.

So when @fitlegseverydaylife contacted me, offering me a pair of their compression socks – I jumped at the chance of being pregnant again. And wow, they are life-changing, I honestly want to wear them everyday 😂 so will be investing in more. At the end of the day… when I wear them, my feet still feel good, and not swollen or sore at all. They are an NHS supplier, which is amazing 🤩.

They have a variety of colours and variables to choose from including medical, travel, work and pregnancy. I would honestly recommend if your feet hurt, give them a go!


I’m going to be honest and say that I thought compression socks were a bit of a gimmick and weren’t actually worth it but I was so wrong! @nurse_alice12

In my role I’m on my feet all day, constantly walking around to different departments or working in decontamination and my feet have been killing me after each shift, so I started wearing compression socks and it has made SUCH a difference 🧦 Couldn’t imagine going to work without them now! @fitlegseverydaylife

👟 I won a @hawkwell_nurseshoes giveaway and wore them to work this week and it feels like I’m walking on sponge! They have a perfect wipeable surface in case of any spillages. I’m really happy with these shoes and they make shifts a lot easier, especially when paired with these socks.

This absolutely is not an ad but I just thought I’d share my thoughts!

compression socks by nurses

Tried & Tested Reviews – @the.unconventional.nurse

Healing From Home, BMEC’s brainchild brand providing home nursing, rehab and sports equipment for post-discharge care, also received several reviews on the FITLEGS range from our customers.

One particular customer @the.unconventional.nurse who purchased a pair of Life range did a special sharing on their Instagram, documenting their experience with the socks and doing a series of tests such as distance test, smell test, wash test and so on.

To find out how the compression socks performed for the tests, you can read through @the.unconventional.nurse’s posts below:

G&N FITLEGS Compression Socks are designed to provide pressure to the legs to help improve circulation and drainages. They come in ranges such as Life, Everyday, AES and Sports, which vary in materials and compression levels, making them suitable for different groups of people.

They greatly help in preventing the development of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), commonly seen in individuals required to stand/sit/lie down for too long, elderlies, sportsmen and pregnant ladies.

To learn more about G&N FITLEGS Compression Socks, visit our page at bmec.asia/my/gn


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