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Virtual Medicine


Virtual Medicine has created the most advanced, multi-award-winning medical anatomy platform crossing Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR) for medical education. Utilizing mobile and tablet devices or VR headsets, this powerful technology enables augmentation or replacement of student time with a cadaver.

Featured Products


Human Anatomy VR

Human Anatomy VR delivers the most immersive human anatomical experience available, specially designed for medical and nursing schools, universities, healthcare systems, medical associations, libraries and healthcare practitioners. Participants can share knowledge across their system using Multi-user mode. Feature rich content of the application is delivered in a deeply engaging experience with excellent graphics and innovative presentation.

Benefits of Human Anatomy VR:

  • Multi-user collaboration

    The Multi-user collaboration function allows you to connect up to 100 people in a single VR room to present a lecture. Each connected student and teacher has their own unique 3D Avatar, which they can individually personalise. Connected students can be seen and heard as if together in the same room – wherever in the world they are currently in.

  • DICOM Viewer

    Human Anatomy VR 2022’s innovative algorithms can reconstruct 2D CT and MRI scan series, and produce a 3D model that you can see in VR as if the patient were right in front of you. The advanced Cutting feature allows you to cut the model in real time in any plane to access all internal structures. The Windowing function allows you to better visualize specific tissue types.

  • Web Manager for Tests and Quizzes

    The automatic assessment of students’ test success saves valuable time. Results include statistical data, which enable you to improve the efficiency of your teaching.

  • Over 10,000 anatomical structures with detailed descriptions


AR Anatomy

AR Anatomy represents Virtual Medicine’s comprehensive educational package utilizing mobile, tablet, and desk / laptop devices. It contains all human body systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, lymphatic, and connective tissues, etc.) with multiple function interaction including combine, layer, and highlight capabilities. With the advanced AR Mode, you can position a human body model in a real-world environment.

Benefits of AR Anatomy:

  • Crossplatform Multi-user
    The user license for universities and secondary schools features the cross-platform Multi-user collaboration mode, which allows lecturing to students who connect to the teacher’s online lecture. All connected students will see real-time video streaming, and hear the lecturer’s streamed voice.

  • Augmented Reality

    Don’t have a VR headset? Not a problem. The augmented reality mode enables you to place anatomical models directly in your real-world environment. These 3D anatomical models are displayed in their actual size. More than 10,000 structures and animations accompanied with detailed descriptions, right in your pocket – anytime and anyplac

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