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VATA Inc. is committed to providing customers with the most realistic and highest quality health care models. They believe that the best models come from involving the clinician and specialist at the earliest stages of research and development. This level of involvement assures that the end product provides the highest levels of realism and function for the necessary educational procedures.

Featured Products


Port “Body in a Box”™

VATA’s 5010/5011 Port “Body in a Box” is a low cost, compact, lightweight, quick to set up and store training model for the teaching and practice of palpating and accessing IVADs (Implanted Vascular Access Devices). This healthcare simulation model is supplied with a real port and it’s possible to simulate accessing the following IVAD placements: normal, “tipping”, “wandering”, and deeply placed.

Successful access is confirmed by a simulated blood return, as the model has its own 35cc simulated blood reservoir bag neatly tucked inside it. The two round inserts, used to simulate the “wandering” and “tipping” port, are interchangeable to vary the experience. The tissue flap that is placed over the port has two thicknesses – the 1/4″ side will approximate the feel when palpating a port at an average depth, while the 1/2″ side will approximate the feel when palpating a deeply placed port during simulation.

The skin flap is made of VATA Inc.’s Dermalike II™ material which offers the following unique properties:

  • Feels and palpates like human tissue for a more authentic learning experience
  • Tear resistant, extending the lifespan of the product
  • Realistic access experience with minimal needle drag


Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer™

Bonnie was designed with clinician input to replicate, teach, and reinforce the skills needed to perform a posterior iliac crest bone marrow biopsy procedure. This healthcare simulation trainer provides a realistic feel when puncturing the skin surface, entering the iliac crest bone, extracting simulated bone marrow samples. Carrying case included.

Bonnie Bone Marrow allows for:

  • Palpation of the spinous process and iliac crest bones on both the anterior and posterior sides
  • Proper biopsy needle placement
  • Simulation of realistic patient positioning with the included tilt base
  • 200+ accesses before replacement parts are needed


Chester Chest™ with Port Access Arm

This simulator features an arm with a dual lumen 5FR PICC exiting the basilic vein from the inner bicep area, a pre-positioned 20g IV catheter in the forearm and a recessed area in the upper arm for an optional peripheral IVAD. Chester Chest™ makes it possible to teach and practice the infusion, withdrawal, care, securement and dressings of the following vascular access lines: IVAD placed in the chest and optional upper arm, Hickman-like central line, PICC line, IV site and optional Triple lumen jugular and subclavian catheters. With this model, it is possible to simulate accessing the following IVAD placements: normal, “tipping”, “wandering”, or deeply placed. Successful access is confirmed by a blood return. Fluid can be infused and blood withdrawn from all the lines.

Features of Chester Chest:

  • Industry standard in the teaching of central line care
  • Practice infusion, withdrawal, securement, and dressings of multiple vascular access lines
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