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Tekscan’s patented tactile force and pressure sensing solutions provide customers with the actionable information they need to optimise product design and improve clinical and research outcomes.

Their sensors and systems are used across a wide range of applications within test and measurement, medical, dental, and retail; as stand-alone solutions or as embedded technology to create better and differentiated products.

Featured Products


F-Scan GO

F-Scan GO is the newest product in Tekscan’s award-winning line of gait analysis systems for the biomechanics community. F-Scan GO is a compact, new generation technology for clinicians and researchers to conduct quick and natural gait analysis in a wide-range of environments and conditions.

The lightweight, cord-free, wearable electronics with onboard storage allows your subject to enjoy full freedom of movement while you capture their natural in-shoe gait with the highest resolution data in the market. It is powered by Tekscan’s newly redesigned software platform, FootVIEW, featuring a modern interface that simplifies data collection and analysis.

F-Scan GO carries forward the same spatial resolution, ultra-thin and trimmable sensor design that have made the F-Scan system the best-in-class system for in-shoe pressure measurement, and provides a new electronics architecture to expand the applications where measurements can be collected.

With dedicated Wi-Fi functionality and Micro SD cards for each foot, F-Scan GO provides sampling rates in Wi-Fi mode of up to 500 Hz, with datalogging of recording data for extended range, and automatic transfer of recorded foot pressure data over Wi-Fi back to the PC.


F-Scan System

The F-Scan In-Shoe system provides dynamic pressure, force and timing information for foot function and gait analysis. 

Information obtained from the F-Scan is used in real-world applications, like designing and testing orthotics, offloading diabetic feet and evaluating footwear and techniques in elite athletes.

Researchers can feel confident using the best-in-class tool for profiling anatomical locations on the plantar surface.

Research software is available with additional features for more in-depth analysis.

Leading podiatrists, physical therapists, certified pedorthists and orthotists/prosthetists around the world have benefited from using the F-Scan In-Shoe Analysis System.

Now, clinicians can generate print-friendly reports for documenting patient progress at the click of a button.



The MatScan™, part of the ClassicMat family, is Tekscan’s low profile foot pressure measurement platform.

Combined with Tekscan’s innovative pressure sensing software, the mats can be used for a variety of applications such as foot function analysis, gait analysis, postural stability, sway analysis, fall risk assessments and pressure offloading.

MatScan™ Pressure Mat System Features

  • Low-profile mat – platform height of only 0.225 in. (0.57 cm)
  • Quick and easy set up with USB connection
  • Provides objective and quantifiable pressure data
  • Compatible with gait lab technology, such as EMG and motion capture systems


F-Socket System

The F-Socket pressure system is used to address the needs of Orthotists & Prosthetists (O & P) by enabling improved design, fit, and function of prosthetic limbs.

The system includes a paper-thin, high-resolution sensor that can be trimmed into freely floating fingers to closely approximate the curvature of the socket interface.

F-Socket Features & Benefits

  • Provides detailed pressure profiles and graphical displays for quantitative analysis
  • Closely examines the formation of pressures within the socket interface during the various phases of gait, allowing you to modify the socket/stump interface accordingly
  • Sensors trim to fit prosthetic
  • Improve design and fit of sockets and prosthetics
  • Increase longevity for wear of socket and use of prosthesis
  • Tangible, visible biofeedback, therefore increasing compliance and tolerance of the amputee to the socket and prostheses


Strideway System

Strideway is the first truly modular gait analysis platform in the industry.

Strideway provides objective information on force and plantar pressure, plus temporal (time), spatial (distance) and kinetic (movement) parameters at the click of a button.

Strideway Features:

  • The modular platform captures multiple footsteps in a single pass and allows you to choose the system sensing area and sensor resolution
  • Integrates with other gait lab technologies, such as EMG and motion capture systems
  • Automated calculation of an array of gait parameters: step and stride time, distance, velocity, and cadence
  • Automatically detects foot strikes with labels for left or right and number stances from first to last
  • Foot segmentation aids in calculating toe-in or toe-out angle, compared to the line of progression
  • Low profile platform reduces risk of tripping and minimizes gait changes and wider to accommodate walkers
  • Quick set-up and data collection process


CONFORMat System

The CONFORMat™ seating and positioning system provides accurate, real-time information on pressure distribution and Center of Force (CoF) trajectory that helps providers develop an optimal seating and positioning system for each individual patient.

The unique, truly flexible design makes the CONFORMat the most advanced pressure mapping system available for seat and back analysis and is ideal for wheelchair pressure mapping.

CONFORMat Features and Benefits

  • Portable, lightweight sensor is easy to move between patients and facilities
  • 2,000+ individual sensing elements provide accurate, high-resolution readings
  • Helps optimize cushion selection and custom seating development
  • Provides justification and documentation for treatment decisions
  • Engages patients with vivid color display and provides them with clear, visual feedback
  • Aids in identification of unseen asymmetries and pelvic obliquities
  • Provides accurate data for answering research hypotheses or development questions
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