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Swift Performance began as a research project at Southern Cross University, Australia in 1994.

Swift performance exists to better improve the performance of athletes across all sports and levels. They empower teams to accomplish the unbelievable with high power technology and advanced analytics.

Featured Products



NEO is the professional solution for elite coaches. NEO duo beam laser timing gates and Swift Syncro set the standard for accuracy, usability and reliability.

The introduction of an Ultrasonic sensor on the NEO timing gate is a world first. This sensor works like a bat’s hearing, sending out ‘pings’ and waiting for a response. This allows you to measure distance of your athlete from a gate, and then deliver time in turn and depth of turn measurements.

Benefits of NEO:

  • Dual beam accuracy
  • Qi wireless charging
  • First Movement starting
  • Gate proximity trigger
  • Custom drill designer
  • Depth of turn measurement
  • Real time reactive agility drills



DUO is a solution for reactive agility testing. It is built upon the same dual beam hardware as NEO but packaged for portability and affordability.

DUO brings ultimate accuracy, reactive agility and endurance tests to your test protocols. No matter who you are, DUO raises the bar for coaches and athletes.

Benefits of DUO:

  • Dual Beam laser
  • Qi Wireless charging
  • “MOVE” compatible
  • Custom drill designer with SYNCRO App
  • Rigid Carry Case
  • Configurable start modes
  • Endurance Tests
  • Reactive Agility Drills



UNO is Swift’s entry-level laser timing system. Built upon the pedigree of their DUO beam products, UNO delivers quality and ease of use that is unparallelled at the semi-pro level. 

Benefits of UNO:

  • Use it on a tripod, or on the ground for three point starts
  • Single beam laser with false trigger detection
  • Qi Wireless charging
  • Custom drill designer with SYNCRO App
  • Rigid Carry Case
  • Configurable start modes
  • positioning



The EZEJUMP vertical jump testing system is a tool built for professionals. Its solid stainless steel top, Bluetooth connectivity and amazing EZEJUMP App brings a full suite of vertical jump testing protocols, including jump height, contact time, flight time, Reactive Strength Index (RSI), Bosco tests plus fatigue measurement protocols.

This platform includes a free application that allows athletes to be evaluated using a mobile phone or tablet in different exercises such as the Squat Jump, Counter Movement Jump or Drop Jump. Through a Swift Performance cloud subscription, it becomes possible to obtain additional data such as peak power, non-concentric thrust, leg stiffness, fatigue index, flight time, contact time and flight time for the left and right leg. It is also possible to obtain graphs relating jump height with contact time, jump height with the reactive force index.

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