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Simulab is dedicated to replicating human anatomy, and building realistic, easy-to-use training tools for healthcare simulation.

By collaborating closely with leading educators worldwide, leveraging over 25 years of experience and constantly pushing the boundaries of realistic tissue discovery, Simulab has become the market leader for realistic and affordable trainers for a vast array of healthcare simulation models.

Featured Products


SonoMan® Diagnostic Ultrasound Simulator

An innovative training platform for training proficiency in trauma and emergency/bedside ultrasound to evaluate critically ill patients. The training system offers an extensive image and video library with an option of six software modules (sold separately). Each module provides up to seven clinical cases presenting normal or abnormal findings, allowing the instructors to mimic various pathologies in emergent or critical care settings.

The SonoMan body form includes 258 embedded image locations, a simulated ultrasound probe and is compatible with six pathology modules. Connect the simulated ultrasound probe to a PC. As the probe scans the body form, the computer monitor will simulate an ultrasound machine, displaying images and video from a patient for assessment.

Modules available for the SonoMan System:

  • FAST Module (SNMF-21)
  • Echo Module (SNME-21)
  • Gallbladder Module (SNMG-21)
  • Renal Module (SNMR-21)
  • eFAST Module (SNMEF-21)
  • AAA Module (SNMA-21)


CentralineMan Pro System

CentraLineMan Pro System, a member of Simulab’s ultrasound vascular access product collection, sets the bar in combining realism, affordability, and ease of use. The innovative product is a hyper-realistic soft tissue training system for teaching blind or ultrasound-guided vascular access at the Internal Jugular Vein or Subclavian Vein with the Subclavian or Supraclavicular approaches.

Ease-of-use is built right into the innovative new trainer presenting technology that automatically purges the vessels of air bubbles and properly fills them with fluid at the start of each procedure. The system offers a continuous arterial pulse, with a rate you set before training based on your scenario, freeing you to focus on your learners.

Benefits of CentralineMan Pro System:

  • Fully Automated & Adjustable:

    • Fully automated purging of air from fluids
    • Adjustable Venous Pressure
    • Adjustable Arterial BPM
  • Palpable Anatomy Includes:

    • Upper Torso and Articulating Head
    • Clavicle
    • Trachea
    • Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Lateral border of the first rib
  • Ultrasoundable Anatomy:

    • Internal Jugular Vein
    • Subclavian Vein
    • Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    • Lung



Simulab’s TraumaMan® System is an anatomically correct human body form that allows students to practice a variety of advanced surgical procedures. It includes a simulated human torso with a ventilator and four anatomically correct surgical zones, plus an ankle base for IV Cutdown. Its flexible design and replaceable tissues give each student a “first cut” experience and make it easy to incorporate into team trauma training.

TraumaMan is used to train over 30,000 medical professionals each year. Since its release, it has also become widely used in military courses, EMS training, trauma surgery, and advanced airway simulations.

Benefits of TraumaMan®:

  • Anatomically correct surgical simulator with all the pertinent landmarks for each procedure
  • Realistic body form skin and replaceable tissues have the highest fidelity touch and dissection of any simulated tissue available today
  • Realistic, bleeding tissues add to suspension of disbelief, enhancing the simulation
  • Systematic training so that each student gets the same learning points with more repetition than is possible with animals or cadavers
  • Most flexible training platform available for advanced trauma training – combined with high fidelity simulators to run scenarios in team training situations



AirwayMan® is Simulab’s new complete airway management training system. AirwayMan offers low cost, replaceable soft tissue components for increased realism and extended product life. Every part of AirwayMan is carefully engineered to recreate the familiar movements, textures, and delicate nuances of human anatomy. AirwayMan includes the same realistic cricothyroid structures found in TraumaMan—the most widely used cricothyroidotomy trainer in the world.

Benefits of AirwayMan®:

  • Low cost, replaceable soft airway
  • Easy set-up with a soft tissue replacement system
  • Integrated cricothyroidotomy 
  • Multi-layered, wrap-around replaceable neck skin with unsurpassed realism
  • Movement, weight, and landmarks closely mimic human anatomy
  • Soft palate anatomy allows visual identification during intubation
  • Palpable landmarks and life-like tissue to incise
  • Visible confirmation when successful intubation is achieved



PacerMan® is the first and only high-fidelity simulator for immersive transvenous pacing training—from needle insertion to electrical capture using all the clinical equipment. With PacerMan, clinicians can practice the entire procedure—including identifying intrinsic bradycardias, assessing intracardiac waveforms and manipulating output and rate with a pacing generator.

Simulab’s patented SimuSensor® technology powers PacerMan, replicating a true clinical workflow by allowing the learner to use their own pacing generator to trigger patient responses on a simulated patient monitor.

Benefits of PacerMan®:

  • Durable replaceable tissue for full catheterization using an introducer and temporary pacing lead
  • Ultrasound-guided venous identification and access with fluid aspiration
  • Randomized Student and Instructor Modes with multiple outcome options
  • Simulated Patient Monitor with:
  • Real-time vitals including heart rate, arterial blood pressure, non-invasive blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.
  • Simulated defibrillator for transcutaneous pacing and transition of care
  • ECG tracing that presents intracardiac location waveforms representing the Superior Vena Cava, Right Atrium, Right Ventricle, Inferior Vena Cava, Pulmonary Artery and Current of Injury Pattern.
  • Set up an additional monitor to simulate a stand-alone patient monitor.
  • Bluetooth compatibility for untethered training
  • Touchscreen compatibility for Windows 7 OS or higher
  • Battery or wall power supply to offer flexibility


Ultrasound ArteriaLine & ABG Trainer

Ultrasound Arterial Line and ABG Trainer allows educators to train ultrasound-guided radial artery catheterization and perform ABG sampling. This trainer brings medical simulation to new levels with variable pulse strength and rate, palpable landmarks, sharp ultrasound imaging, and arterial pressure that fills an ABG sampling syringe.

With this true-to-life hand and arm model, users can safely practice arterial cannulation, ABG, and arterial puncture to complete continuous blood pressure measurement and blood gas sampling in critically ill patients.

Benefits of Ultrasound ArteriaLine & ABG Trainer:

  • Ultrasound or blind palpation technique
  • The artery is palpable at the wrist and descends as it travels towards the elbow
  • A self-priming artery with an adjustable pulse and fluid strength
  • Realistic resistance of tissue and artery wall during injection
  • Distinct pop of the artery wall during insertion
  • Natural flashback of simulated fluid into the needle can be observed
  • Replaceable vessels with a low per-student cost
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