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Pressure ulcer is a skin injury that may concern anyone. Whether it concerns yourself, your family or your patients, it is beneficial to be aware of means to prevent pressure ulcers as these skin-breakdowns can be difficult to treat once they start developing.

Featured Products

CushionAir Seat Cushions

If you or your patients need to go through long hours of sitting everyday, you will be thrilled to discover Libertech’s CushionAir.

The CushionAir solution is an air seat cushion series manufactured with unique designed air-cell that can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. The cushion’s interconnected air cell structure allows it to conform and track movements of the body, maximising pressure re-distribution.

Care of Sweden
CuroCell® A4 CX16 Air Cushion

Caring for people with pressure ulcers represents a challenge to the health service in the shape of increased time and costs.

Care of Sweden’s air mattress series Curocell A4 seeks to provide simplicity with user comfort by integrating an automatic control unit and the Pack&Go® function. The mattress system identifies the user and optimises pressure according to their needs to prevent pressure ulcers. 

Frontier Medical Group
Toto® Lateral Turning System

Nurses are often faced with challenges of heavy workload or manpower shortage in the hospital.

To take some burden off their shoulders, Frontier Medical Group’s Toto® is an automatic lateral patient turning system that automatically turns individuals at regular intervals, relieving pressure over their most vulnerable areas.

BOOST Program

What happens after your patients return home from the rehab center? Do they discipline themselves to do the exercises you have assigned?

INTUWalk is a clinically intelligent software that helps empower each individual towards self-sufficient and confidence in self recovery. The apps for trainers and patients are synched for better collaboration and connection in carrying out recovery programs.

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