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Pressure Injury Prevention

Raising Societal & Healthcare Quality

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Pressure injuries (PI) impact over 7 million patients per year globally. US healthcare alone reports more than 2.5 million PI cases, over 60 000 deaths, and at least USD 9-11 billion in cost per year.

Prevention protocols for PI require frequent patient handling and, consequently, contribute significantly to workflow complexity and high incidences of musculoskeletal injuries in healthcare providers, with lower back pain as the dominant on-the-job injury.

US long-term care centres spend over 6 million USD (56% of all medical costs) every year compensating nurses for occupation-induced back injuries.

A disproportion between healthcare providers and patient care increases PI and higher incidences of in-hospital post-acute readmission and associated mortality rate.

Air mattresses that automate labour-intensive procedures and complex therapy workflows, a wide range of pressure settings, and individual air cells that deflate to accommodate unique physical needs, actively prevent PI in post-acute and acute care patients, improving patient outcome and experience, workplace health, and healthcare resource allocation.


Ulcers are a Prevalent, Costly & Global Healthcare Issue

Signs of pressure injuries can start to develop during surgeries. When left untreated, injuries become ulcers, and in extreme cases, they can cause death.  Pressure redistribution surfaces that aid in turning and repositioning patients improve early interventions.

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Pressure-distributing Beds & Cushions Improve Cost-effectiveness

Treatment cost for managing pressure injuries starts at USD 250,000 per inpatient and adds USD 2122 per hospital day. Pressure distributing support surfaces improve comfort and reduce pressure ulcers, boosting long-term cost-effectiveness and patient care.

Apart from the air and foam mattresses we have in store, BMEC also offers a variety of air and gel seat cushions suitable for patient sitting care.

Sometimes when caring for elderly patients who are warded or immobile, it is recommended for them to be seated in Geriatric Chairs rather than laid down. It can help with their bowel movement and also give healthcare professionals an easier time in taking care of them.

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This is where pressure relieving seat cushions become vital. Wellell’s Sedens 500 is a light weight and battery powered dynamic seat cushion perfectly designed to be used in wheelchairs and geriatric chairs.

An effective alternating system with static therapy mode in help with patient repositioning, it comes with 5 levels & 3 cycle time settings for optimum user care and comfort.

Another brand we carry is Libertech, a Korea based manufacturer and exporter who specialises in the product of pressure and offers a wide range of pressure relieving cushions.

From various types of air-filled cell, durable gel to foam combined with special ergonomic insert, its wide range of products offer varying levels of comfort and support to suit a variety of specific needs, including wheelchair users, paediatric and geriatric patients.

To learn more about Libertech’s seat cushion series, you can visit our page at bmec.asia/my/libertech/

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