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Toronto-based medical simulation company focused on otoscopy and ophthalmoscopy training. Their goal is to enhance patient outcomes through better training of primary healthcare providers, with effective and innovative simulation tools.

Featured Products


OtoSim 2™

The ultimate otoscopy simulation trainer built for teaching and testing otoscopy skills. Over 500 programs worldwide already use OtoSim 2™ for their simulation scenarios and OSCE examinations. Following a three-hour group session using OtoSim™ Otoscopy Training & Simulation, medical students increased their accuracy in the diagnosis of various ear pathologies from 54% to 78%.

Benefits of OtoSim 2™:

  • Verify student progress via the instrumented otoscope. Trainees can point with this device to complete the learning feedback loop.
  • Expand student knowledge through reviewing over 400 high-resolution images from the Hawke Library to instruct, practice, and test students
  • Save instructor time by connecting up to 14 OtoSim™ units to a single trainer laptop to effectively instruct groups at the same time
  • Supplement classroom instruction with 150 pre-annotated images for self-directed learning
  • Improve viewer retention through immersive full-screen experience with a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Increase student capability through advanced quizzes with randomized, realistic clinical scenarios that test both medical and patient interaction skills
  • Build student confidence through the use of the instrumented otoscope, allowing students to practice and improve their otoscopic technique
  • Add PneumatoSim™ (sold separately) to practice pneumatic otoscopy
  • Add the Educators Tool Kit™ (sold separately) to allow for complete customization of the otologic curriculum including adding your own images



OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscopy Training & Simulation System is a hands-on simulation system that radically transforms how students learn to diagnose and treat eye pathologies. Its proprietary software and accompanying tools empower students to actively diagnose real-world eye conditions within a simulated environment. It replicates the magnification of lens in the human eye and different clinical conditions, allowing students to practice monocular vision and improve their ophthalmoscopic/funduscopic technique.

Benefits of OphthoSim™:

  • OphthoSim™ Content -  Includes training and testing modules to practice and evaluate ophthalmoscopy technique
  • Database of 200 High Resolution Images – Supplemented with detailed text descriptions and some images are pre-annotated for normal landmarks and pathological features
  • Landmarking Function – Allows instructor to highlight specific characteristics of pathologies in the region student is viewing to enhance student-instruction interactions
  • Advanced Quizzes – Increases student capability with randomized realistic clinical scenarios that test both medical and patient interaction skills
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface – Improves viewer retention though immersive full-screen experience



A software and hardware add-on package for OtoSim 2™ for teaching pneumatic otoscopy. Through hands-on insufflation and otoscopy experience, students can enhance their skills and confidence in using a pneumatic otoscope. Give your students a better learning experience to excel in the clinical environment.

Benefits of PneumatoSim™:

  • PneumatoSim upgraded software – Easy to install and is built into the OtoSim 2™ software for quick access—no need to switch between different programs
  • PneumatoSim content – Identify and be familiar with the way the tympanic membrane behaves and looks when insufflated under various ear pathologies
  • Verifiable scenarios – Pressure applied is measured and displayed on a pressure graph, and the ear drum moves with the amount of pressure applied to build student confidence and technique
  • Realistic earform – Pneumatic ear is easily interchangeable with the regular ear on the OtoSim™ base unit and allows students to make a proper seal at the opening of the ear canal with the pneumatic otoscope

*Note: PneumatoSim™ is not a stand-alone product and requires OtoSim 2™ to function.


Educators Toolkit™

The Educators Toolkit™ software upgrade is a set of 3 applications that allow healthcare educators to customize their OtoSim 2™ and OphthoSim™ simulation training sessions for mass training. Professors can now add their own ear and eye images, and build their own custom slide deck to teach otoscopy and ophthalmoscopy more effectively.

It comprises of 3 modules:

  • Image Creator:
    Instructors can import their own images into the OtoSim 2™ and OphthoSim™ image libraries. Tools are provided to adjust the images to the correct size and orientation in the Base Unit.
  • Image Annotator:
    Instructors can pre-annotate the features and landmarks on their own images. Students will be able to review the important anatomical landmarks that have been highlighted, and to locate them with the Instrumented Otoscope or Ophthalmoscope.
  • Slide Presenter:
    Instructors can create customized slide deck presentations for classroom training. Lecture slides can be planned ahead of time. The module includes a Presenter interface to present the slides to up to 14 Base Units directly, or to an unlimited number of units through wireless repeaters. It also allows remote teaching to any internet-connected Base Unit. The Presenter also features live progress feedback to monitor the trainees’ progress during a multi-user setting.


OtoSim Mobile™ & OphthoSim Mobile™

Transforms your smartphone into a hand-held otoscopy and ophthalmoscopy simulators delivering a complete cloud-based curriculum.

Who can benefit:

  • Students
  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Anyone who is looking to learn about otoscopy/ophthalmoscopy!


  • Compatibility: any smartphone
  • Safe: Soft Silicone earform/eyeform that easily clips onto your phone
  • Secure: Safety ring holder for secure grip
  • Versatile use: Hand-held, table top, or stand-mounted
  • Comes with a functional otoscope/ophthalmoscope for training purposes
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