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In nursing, BMEC offers solutions for in-hospital and home care users in their recovery (e.g. after surgery) or aid them in conducting daily activities (e.g. moving around at home).

Who Needs BMEC Nursing Products?

Nursing products are required after major surgery or for patients who have certain disabilities (e.g. bed-bound users). Nursing items aim to offload caretakers’ tasks but maintain high nursing standards for the patients they are attending to. A key product is our pressure relief mattress which helps to prevent common issues such as pressure injuries. Nursing products are commonly adopted by (not limited to): 

  • Hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics for proper in-patient care
  • Physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are conducting related body recovery training or sessions
  • Caregivers who are taking care of a patient who has physical disabilities
  • Patients who have physical limitations

BMEC Nursing Solutions

BMEC Nursing offers a wide range of nursing equipment that helps patients in their body recovery and assists them in their daily living activities to overcome their physical challenges. We supply directly to organisations and direct consumers.

Our nursing solutions help users in (not limited to):

  • Preventing other health issues due to long-term seating or post-operations (e.g. pressure injuries, deep vein thrombosis)
  • Conduct daily activities (e.g. walking, toileting)
  • Promote generate wellness

BMEC Nursing Product Offerings

At BMEC Nursing, we offer a broad range of nursing equipment in the following areas (not limited to):

Bedside Care
Wound Care
Assisted Mobility Device
Vascular Circulation
Oxygen Delivery System
Assisted Daily Living (ADLs)