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MJS Group


MJS Group is a UK based group of companies that specialise in the design and manufacture of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Systems, Cold Compression Systems, Dynamic Mattress Systems and OEM Design and Manufacture of Medical Devices.

The group is family owned and is made up of two companies with founding company entirely owning the second.

The founding company has been operating for over 35 years now and is widely accepted as the industry’s innovator in the Medical Device sector.

Featured Products


Gioco Hybrid G4

The Gio-Form Hybrid system is a dynamic alternating mattress replacement system combining the benefits of modern foam technology and traditional dynamic air mattresses.

The design is for patients considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing a pressure ulcer.

This ‘Plug and Play’ system is very simple to use and requires minimum basic training to operate.

It is ideal use in the community.

A combination of the quietest pump on the market and high comfort levels, this system offers a very flexible package with little or no disruption to patient comfort due to the simplicity in setting up in order to meet a particular patient’s clinical requirements.

This, in turn, significantly reduces decontamination and logistical costs.

The HF-welded ‘Dartex’ material outer cover stretches in multiple directions, has excellent permeability properties, and a long life while meeting stringent infection control requirements.

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