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Mattress Sanitisation – More Important than Ever

mattress sanitisation

Today, even though the pandemic situation might not be as severe as compared to a year before, the focus on cross infection prevention and infection control is now higher than ever.

Healthcare providers are also vigilant in cleaning and disinfecting mattresses between users.

Components of a Hospital Bed

A hospital bed system encompasses the bed frame and its components, including the bed side rails, head and footboard, the mattress, and any accessories added to the bed, such as a detachable mattress cover.

A hospital bed mattress cover provides outer protection to a mattress by preventing blood and other body fluids from entering the inside (inner core) of the mattress. Such covers may be coated with or contain an antimicrobial solution that kills germs (viruses or bacteria) or prevents bacterial growth.

There are multiple terms used to describe hospital bed mattress covers:

  • Water-resistant (keeps liquid away from the material)
  • Water-proof (prevents liquid from entering inside the material)
  • Water-repellent (keeps liquid away from the material and prevents liquid from entering inside the material)

Safety Concerns over Worn out Mattress Covers

From 2011 through 2016, the FDA has received over 700 reports of a hospital bed mattress cover failing to prevent blood or body fluids from leaking into the mattress.

Over time, hospital bed mattress covers can wear out and allow blood and body fluids to penetrate and get trapped inside mattresses. If blood or body fluids from one patient penetrate and get absorbed in a mattress, the fluids can leak out the next time the mattress is used. Coming into contact with these fluids poses a risk of infection to patients using the bed.

mattress sanitisation spraying

Steps to Reduce the Risk of Contamination

According to the FDA, to reduce risk for contamination and patient infection, hospitals should regularly check each medical bed mattress cover for any visible signs of damage, remove the medical bed mattress cover and check its inside surface for wet spots, staining, or signs of damage, check all sides. Immediately scrap if damaged.

It is highly recommended to make a routine/schedule to:

  • Remove and replace mattresses and mattress covers with visible signs of damage.
  • Clean and disinfect undamaged medical bed mattress covers, machine wash between users.
  • Ensure the expected lifetime of the mattress and the mattress cover has not expired.

BMEC Mattress Rental Service

bmec mattress rental service

For over 10 years, BMEC has provided pressure relief bed mattress rental services to healthcare providers and institutions. The key to our business is to maintain high quality and responsive services for all.

From state-of-the-art laundry service, efficient delivery to on-site installation, our team ensures that all mattresses comply strictly with the Hospital Infection Control Policy and are safely deployed for patients’ health and comfort.

We have a complete range of air and foam mattresses available, from certified brands such as Care of Sweden, KAP Medical and MSJ Group. To learn more or contact us about our mattress rental service, visit our page at Rental & Subscription

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