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Limbs & Things


Enhancing clinical training.

Recognised in industry with products such as Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer used as part of ATLS courses, Laparoscopic Skills trainer as part of the FLS® examination and several products are also recognised for their role in OSCE examinations.

Featured Products


Abdominal Examination Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

Abdominal Examination Trainer represents an anatomically accurate adult male torso featuring abdomen, pelvis and lower part of thorax along with key bony landmarks. It is ideal for OSCE preparation and assessment, as our torso model enables trainees to practise the required techniques of palpation, auscultation and percussion elements of abdominal, or gastrointestinal (GI) examination.

The trainer comes with interchangeable pathological organs and tissue masses, including a variety of livers, spleens, abdominal aortas and various masses, that can all be quickly inserted on to the abdominal organ locator. Gaseous distension and ascites can also be simulated, providing the correct feel during symptom-based simulation.

Benefits of Abdominal Examination Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Trainer or Simulated Patient can vary the respiratory movement of liver and spleen
    • Built in MP3 with 3 pre-recorded audio sounds on a memory stick that can be heard at various locations in the abdomen during auscultation with a stethoscope
    • Volume of bowel sounds can be adjusted, to extend the learning experience and hone trainees’ auscultation skills.
    • The distension set allows for realistic checking for ascites using percussion, shifting dullness or fluid thrill technique, and simulation of bowel obstruction on percussion and auscultation
    • The pulse bulb allows simulation of normal and aneurysmal aortic pulse
  • Realism
    • Contains both normal and abnormal pathologies of organs that react realistically under palpation and respond appropriately to percussion
    • Lifelike quality of abdominal skin accommodates for gaseous distension and ascites simulation
    • Realistic ballottement of enlarged kidney
  • Versatility
    • Removable abdominal skin allows for quick and easy changeover of organs during training
    • Suitable for both benchtop use and hybrid use with a Simulated Patient
    • Model can be rolled onto its side for examination of ascites and shifting dullness
    • Can be powered using AA batteries or by mains power cable
  • Cleaning
    • Clean skin surface with soft, damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • Weight of model is within male and female health and safety limits for lifting to chest height
    • In the unlikely event that the Ascites Bag splits all affected product parts should be wiped down before continuing use


Skills Gained with Abdominal Examination Trainer:

  • Familiarity with the regions and underlying abdominal anatomy of an adult patient
  • Practice in abdominal palpation, auscultation and percussion
  • Ability to recognize and differentiate a range of abnormal organs and pathologies
  • Identification of ascites, specifically shifting dullness and fluid thrill
  • Identification of gaseous distension and bowel obstruction
  • Ballottement of kidneys
  • Professional-to-patient communication (when used with a Simulated Patient)


Advanced Catheterisation Trainer Set (Light Skin Tone)

Urinary catheterisation is a fundamental skill that is taught globally in many different disciplines. Limbs & Things have developed a range of simulators that cover urethral catheterisation and suprapubic management across all levels of training.

The Advanced Catheterisation Trainer Set contains two complete simulators, one male and one female. This allows for two true to life catheterisations be run simultaneously.

Benefits of Advanced Catheterisation Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Real time feedback can be given when using the modules outside of the base shell
    • More robust design means longer lasting models, keeping on-going costs lower
    • Ability to view catheter path when modules are used outside of the Pelvic Shell
    • Water delivery system offers a better user experience with easy set-up and improved connections for no leaks, allowing for better flow through the trainer
    • Softer, more realistic male/female anatomy
    • Improved internal anatomy to allow for smoother insertion of catheter into the bladder
  • Realism
    • Supple urethra & resistant sphincter providing realistic response
    • Anatomically accurate bladder
    • Flaccid penis with a removable foreskin for realistic male catheterisation
    • Increased mobility of the penis gives a more accurate representation of inserting the catheter
    • Softer labia to practise parting using aseptic no touch technique
    • Meatus is less obvious than previous simulator, allowing for truer to life experience when performing female catheterisation
    • Increased realism of anatomy, inclusion of a vaginal vault allows for potential insertion of catheter into the incorrect location
  • Versatility
    • Modules are removeable and easily interchangeable
    • Module comes with removeable foreskins
    • Ability to view the path of the catheter during procedures
    • Non-drip valve
    • Reusable double-sleeve catheter packaging is supplied for teaching aseptic technique
    • Syringe supplied with water-based lubricant to simulate proprietary local anaesthetic gel
  • Cleaning
    • Drain all water from the product
    • Remove all catheters from the trainer
    • Clean product surface with soft, damp cloth and mild detergent
    • Allow trainer to dry completely before storing
  • Safety
    • Components of the trainer are latex free
    • Foley Catheter supplied is made of silicone coated latex
    • Use supplied Milton Antifungal agent to sterilize water
    • Always deflate the balloon before removing a catheter
    • Only use mock gel that’s supplied with the catheterisation simulator
    • Use lubricant when inserting the catheter


Skills Gained with Advanced Catheterisation Trainer:

  • Correct handling of male and female anatomy
  • Aseptic catheterisation technique
  • Withdrawal of catheter
  • Urinary catheterisation
  • Fluid management
  • Suprapubic catheter management on female anatomy


Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

Limbs & Things’ Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer has been designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals. The trainer is also approved for use on ATLS V10 courses, with needle decompression possible at the 2nd, 4th and 5th intercostal spaces.

This product is the ideal simulator to deliver training in both surgical and guide-wire assisted thoracostomy and thoracentesis, chest drainage and needle decompression techniques. Chest tube insertion is possible on both types of pad, with the Advanced model’s eco-lucent material allowing practice of Seldinger’s ultrasound technique.

Features of Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer:

Needle Decompression Pads, located on the midclavicular lines, are used for the management of tension pneumothorax and produce a realistic “hiss” of air releasing. A saline filled syringe can also be used to observe bubbles of gas releasing from the chest cavity.

Standard pads included in this Trainer come backed with a “pleural layer” that offers a realistic “pop” on insertion of finger or forceps into the pleural space. These foam pads are suitable for use with adhesive dressings, and sutures can be applied to secure the chest tube.

Advanced pads can be used with mock fluids to simulate pleural effusions or hemothorax when using ultrasound guided techniques. The locking mechanism included in the Trainer gives a firm seal against leakage, and the silicone skin self-seals after needle and guide-wire insertions. (Stress-tested under lab conditions for repeated usage.)

Using the black pump provided, chest decompression sites can be recharge with air for repeated practice scenarios. The blue Respiratory Swing pump enables the trainer to simulate movement within the liquid of the chest cavity when using ultrasound guided procedures.

Benefits of Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Approved for use in ATLS V10 courses
    • Reservoirs in the rear of the model can be filled with fluid or mock blood to represent pleural effusion
  • Realism
    • Needle decompression air reservoirs provide realistic releases of air on insertion of needle
    • Anatomically accurate representation of an adult male torso with raised arms
    • Standard Pads have a Pleural Layer which has realistic give and “pop” when puncturing with forceps or finger
    • Combined use of the Advanced Pads and the chest reservoirs allows for the simulation of pleural effusion
  • Versatility
    • Able to perform the Seldinger Technique
    • Trainer can be used in a sitting or supine position
  • Cleaning
    • Clean the product with a damp soft cloth or sponge, using warm water with mild detergent
    • Always drain, clean and dry after use to ensure that the trainer remains in good condition
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • Product must be stored dry
    • Trainer & accessories are heavy when packed in carrying case, take care when transporting
    • Standard Chest Drain Pads are not suitable for use with liquids


Skills Gained with Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer:

  • Needle decompression/ needle thoracostomy of a tension pneumothorax at both the 2nd and 5th intercostal space
  • Ultrasound guided chest tube insertion, also known as the Seldinger Technique, including insertion of the needle into the pleural space under direct vision and ultrasonic recognition of chest structures
  • Open or cut-down chest tube insertion, including recognition of correct position, surgical incision, blunt dissection through the chest wall, perforation of pleura and finger sweep
  • Suturing of the tube to the chest wall
  • Use of a chest drain, including using with an underwater seal


Paracentesis Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

Effective simulation training is essential, as paracentesis is a common procedure that’s practiced across a wide range of disciplines around the world. The Paracentesis Trainer offers dual functionality for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Palpation or ultrasound guided techniques can be used in the lower abdominal quadrants for the insertion of the needle and catheter while avoiding the liver, spleen and bowel.

Echolucent pads and Echogenic organs inside the trainer give trainees the opportunity to become familiar with the internal anatomy under ultrasound, and recognising how to safely insert a needle of catheter into the peritoneal cavity.


Benefits of Paracentesis Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Offers dual functionality of palpation guided and ultrasound guided techniques for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
    • Echogenic organs allow for visualisation of the internal anatomy before carrying out ultrasound guided paracentesis procedures
    • Paracentesis simulator is compatible with all ultrasound machines
    • Large capacity water chambers for drainage practice
    • Cost effective consumable pads
  • Realism
    • Realistic tissue and needle response
  • Versatility
    • Paracentesis Pads are self-sealing and can withstand multiple needle insertions and rocket catheter insertions
    • Suitable for both palpation and ultrasound guided techniques
  • Cleaning
    • Drain all water from the trainer (recommended technique is shown in the user guide)
    • Clean skin surfaces with a soft damp cloth, warm water and mild detergent to remove ultrasound gel after use
    • Allow trainer, tubing and inserts to dry thoroughly before storing
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • WARNING: When the paracentesis simulator chambers are filled with water, product weight can increase by around 7kg in weight
    • Ensure retaining knobs are tightened to avoid leakage
    • Do not over pump system, excess pressure may cause leakage
    • Please note: Paracentesis Pads included in this simulator are subject to a limited warranty of 9 months from invoice date, due to the nature of materials used in the manufacturing process. Remaining parts are subject to the Standard Limbs & Things Warranty


Skills Gained with Paracentesis Trainer:

  • Familiarity with the abdominal region and underlying anatomy
  • Palpation of anatomical landmarks
  • Identification of abdominal organs under ultrasound, including floating bowel sign
  • Identification of ascites.
  • Insertion of needle or catheter insertion into the peritoneal cavity to obtain ascitic fluid for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
  • Palpation guided needle insertion
  • Ultrasound guided needle insertion
  • Professional to Patient communication when used with a standardised patient


Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model (Light Skin Tone)

The Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture trainer is suitable for use in Clinical Skills Centres, where both early postgraduate medical and anaesthesia specialisms are taught. Trainees are at a more advanced stage of training, and great realism and the ability to practice on a variety of patients is essential for continued learning.

Latest Features of Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model:

  • Ligamentum flavum and interspinous ligaments allow for more realistic haptic feedback and practice of loss of resistance techniques during needle insertion
  • 6mm epidural space between the insert and the dura enable practice threading an epidural catheter and administering fluids
  • Softer silicone on either side of the spine offers greater realism and the paramedian approach is easier to perform
  • Four epidural inserts are supplied with this model, the advanced insert has a steeper angle with a reduced epidural space, allowing practice of more difficult injections


Benefits of Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model:

  • Overview
    • Simulator gives a distinctive “pop” feeling when puncturing the dura during a lumbar puncture procedure
    • Durable lumbar tissue insert and duras are longer lasting, increasing life span and keeping on going costs down
  • Realism
    • Needle insertion possible between vertebrae
    • Ability to feel when the dura is punctured during lumbar puncture
    • Realistic rate of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can be simulated
    • Fat pads can be inserted to vary the patient form
  • Versatility
    • All epidural and lumbar puncture inserts are compatible with the common base
    • Skin and duras can be rotated to extend their life span and ensure cost effective training
    • The stand provided allows for training in left lateral and sitting positions
  • Cleaning
    • Drain all fluid from the product when not in use
    • Clean lumbar puncture trainer with a damp cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
    • Allow trainer to completely dry before storing
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free


Skills Gained with Advanced Epidural & Lumbar Puncture Model:

  • Identifying the iliac crests
  • Administering of local anaesthetic injections
  • Administering of therapeutic treatments, e.g. antibiotics or chemotherapy medication
  • Performing diagnostic lumbar punctures
  • Collection and measurement of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Performing procedures in a sitting and left lateral position
  • Administration of an epidural


Advanced Breast Examination Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

The WCRF International (World Cancer Research Fund) found that breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, accounting for 12.5% of the total number of cases diagnosed in 2020.*

The Advanced Breast Examination Trainer offers a hybrid training solution, covering bench top and simulated patient learning. This model gives the widest variety of examinable anatomy and pathologies in the Breast Trainer range. The inclusion of a clavicle, and two axilla pads, allows for the placement of lymph nodes in six locations, covering axillary, supra and infraclavicular positions.

*Worldwide cancer data | World Cancer Research Fund International (wcrf.org)


Benefits of Advanced Breast Examination Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Pathologies are easily changeable and can be placed in various predetermined locations
    • Offers dual purpose training, bench top (with the use of the hard torso) and hybrid
  • Realism
    • Soft tissue breasts offer a realistic look and feel
    • Clavicular and axilla pads give a more accurate lymph node placement
  • Versatility
    • Range of pathologies can be moved within the breast model for a variety of diagnostic scenarios
    • Ergonomic design for Simulated Patient exercises, including prolonged use in OSCEs and assessments
    • Adjustable straps to fit a wide range of simulated patients
  • Cleaning
    • Product skin surface is washable using a mild soap and water
    • Allow to fully dry before storing
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • Use a small amount of talcum powder in the recess of the breast tissue to stop the insert sticking to the inside of the model
    • When used on a simulated patient, ensure the breast trainer is fastened correctly, with not knots or twists in the straps


Skills Gained with Advanced Breast Examination Trainer:

  • Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)
  • Self Breast Examination
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks
  • Location and diagnosis of pathologies
  • Identification of lymph nodes (axillary, supra- and infra-clavicular)
  • Professional to patient communication with Simulated Patient set-up


Male Rectal Examination Trainer – Advanced (Light Skin Tone)

The Advanced Male Rectal Examination Trainer offers realistic and repeatable training in the core skills of digital rectal and PR examinations. It is also suitable for training in the identification of abnormal and pathological conditions.

Latest Features of Male Rectal Examination Trainer:

  • Increase realism of the anus, with resting tone and sphincter contraction through the use of a pulse bulb
  • Simulated impacted faecal matter insert
  • An illustration pack that shows External Abnormalities, including explanatory text in English, Spanish and Mandarin

This rectal examination model also includes several updated features, including:

  • More durable perineum
  • Softer, more realistic prostates, with a user friendly locking mechanism
  • Improved realism through anatomically accurate internal landmarks


Benefits of Male Rectal Examination Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Simulation of sphincter contractions allows trainees to assess anal tone
    • Left lateral positioning
    • Addition of impacted faecal matter allows trainees to recognise and distinguish this common finding
    • Advanced simulator supplied with a normal and pathological perineum
    • Prostates are quickly and easily interchangeable allowing for discrete set up in assessment conditions
    • High quality illustration pack of 9 external anal conditions
  • Realism
    • Anus with resting tone and the ability to contract with the use of a pulse bulb
    • Soft, partable buttocks
    • Improved anal rim
    • Softer, more realistic prostates
  • Versatility
    • Trainer comes with a left lateral stand, and an additional Standing Position stand is available to widen training scenarios
  • Cleaning
    • Remove any excess lubricants, enemas, suppositories, or creams used
    • Clean product with a soft damp cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
    • Ensure trainer and its components are completely dry before storing
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • Only use water based lubricant, such as the one supplied with the simulator (other lubricants may damage or weaken the silicone)
    • Wear gloves at all times and remove all jewellery before use
    • Lubricate your examining finger before performing a digital rectal exam
    • Do not use excessive force on the pulse bulb or anus
    • Always secure items safely and ensure that the perineum is away from sharp or heavy objects that could cause a puncture


Skills Gained with Male Rectal Examination Trainer:

  • Professional to patient communication
  • Digital examination of the anus, rectum and prostate
  • Assessment of anal tone
  • Identification of impacted faecal matter in the rectum
  • Identification of external ano-rectal conditions


Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) Mk 2 – Advanced (Light Skin Tone)

The anatomically accurate Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) is the ideal platform to teach hands on male pelvic examinations. As well as the normal male anatomy, the Advanced model comes with 6 pathological penile modules for a varied learning experience.

Modules of Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) Mk 2:

Module 1 – Normal anatomy: Representation of a healthy adult male

Module 2 – Varicocele: Visible or palpable enlarged veins ascending from the testicle

Module 3 – Testicular Tumour (Teratoma) and Penile Cancer: Solid mass within the left testicle and within the glans of the penis

Module 4 – Epididymal Cysts: Bilateral cysts at the head of the epididymis

Module 5 – Hydrocele: Accumulation of fluid around the testis

Module 6 – Epididymitis/Epididymo-orchitis: Enlarged and nodular appearance of epididymis, and enlarged testis and epididymis

Module 7 – Indirect Inguinal Hernia: Enlarged scrotal sac because of the intruding small bowel


Benefits of Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) Mk 2:

  • Overview
    • Anatomically accurate male simulator that allows for realistic practice of the male pelvic exam
    • 7 supplied modules give a wide variety of pathologies to identify
    • A Foreskin Pack is included to practice procedures on both circumcised and uncircumcised anatomy
  • Realism
    • Soft tissue genitals and abdominal wall
    • Clear anatomical landmarks allow for a realistic palpation experience
    • Penis, foreskin and scrotum respond in a life-like way under examination, adding realism
  • Versatility
    • Allows training of male pelvic exam in both standing and supine positions
    • CMPT modules are quick and easy to change
  • Cleaning
    • Clean product surfaces with a soft damp cloth, warm water and mild detergent, after every training session
    • Allow to dry thoroughly before storing
  • Safety
    • External surfaces are latex free
    • Interior anatomy of Module 5 (Hydrocele) and Module 7 (Indirect Inguinal Hernia), contain latex
    • Only use water-based lubricant on the CMPT range
    • Lubricate the foreskin before attaching it to the training module
    • Do not leave foreskin on the model when not in use
    • Wear gloves when handling the simulator, sharp surfaces such as jewellery and fingernails can damage silicone parts


Skills Gained with Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) Mk 2:

  • Correct examination procedure of the male pelvis
  • Dry catheterization
  • Professional-to-patient communication
  • Examination and evaluation of:

    • Normal anatomy
    • Testicular abnormalities and penile cancer
    • Abdominal and pelvic pain


Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer with Ultrasound Capabilities (Light Skin Tone)

Performing knee aspirations and injections are fundamental skills required for Internal Medical Trainees, as well as Rheumatologists, Doctors practising General Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgeons.*

An anatomically accurate adult knee model for injection and aspiration of synovial fluid from the knee joint, from both the lateral and medial aspects, using palpation or ultrasound guidance.

The robust sealed knee includes: knee joint, patella, patellar tendon and the suprapatellar space.

Discrete muscle, skin and fat layers, provide realistic tissue and needle response, while key anatomical landmarks are realistic to palpate. This enables trainees to improve their accuracy of injection and aspiration through repeatable practise.

*Specialty Training Curriculum for Core Medical Training, Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board, 2009, amended 2013 / Section 5 Practical Procedures, Specialty Training Curriculum for Rheumatology, Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board, 2010 / Section: Applied Clinical Skills: General, Page 55, Specialist Training in Trauma & Orthopaedics Curriculum, 2013


Benefits of Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer:

  • Overview
    • 1,000+ stabs per module with 21 gauge needle
    • Precise, palpable anatomy with bony landmarks
    • Robust, sealed knee unit that holds all anatomy
    • Key internal landmarks visible under ultrasound
    • Compatible with all standard ultrasound machines
    • Echolucent material allows aspiration and injection under ultrasound guidance or using the palpation method
    • Suitable for Undergraduate and Postgraduate medical study
    • Knee skin is watertight
  • Realism
    • Discrete muscle and skin layers provide realistic tissue and needle response
    • Anatomically accurate synovial sac and palpable patella
    • Realistic color and consistency of synovial fluid
  • Versatility
    • Can be used with leg supports for supine position, or without leg supports for side of bed position
    • Caters for ultrasound-guided techniques as well as palpation
    • Separate Fluid Bag & Stand ensure the model is easy to use and mobile
    • Clear indicator on Fluid Bag to prevent overfilling
    • Compatible with the “No-Trace” Marker to allow markup of the knee skin
  • Cleaning
    • Clean off any residual ultrasound gel from the knee injection trainer
    • Skin surface should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
    • Empty any remaining fluid from the knee once the procedure is complete
    • Allow knee injection model to dry before storing
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • If the model sustains damage, refer all servicing to qualified servicing personnel
    • During practice injections, be sure to remove the needle at the same angle as inserted, removing at an angle can cause the knee skin to split
    • We advise that you do not use simulator if the skin of the knee is torn
    • Always store/dispose of needles safely in the sharps bin supplied or a suitable alternative
    • While the new Synovial Fluid in this product contains a new preservative (approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations) meaning it is safe for extended skin contact, we still recommend the use of gloves while using this product


Skills Gained with Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer:

  • Injection into joint cavity
  • Aspiration of synovial fluid from both the lateral and medial aspects
  • Competence using ultrasound technology to perform
  • systematic scanning techniques and examination of the knee joint
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks using ultrasound guidance or the palpation method
  • Patient positioning and management
  • Recognition of joint effusion
  • Ballottement


Shoulder Injection Trainer – Palpation Guided (Light Skin Tone)

The Limbs & Things Palpation Guided Shoulder Injection Trainer range was designed in collaboration with clinicians to provide the highest standard for training. Palpation Guided injections are still widely performed by medical professionals across disciplines. True to life, repeatable training helps develop reliable and accurate practices.

The latest shoulder model is made with enhanced materials that have extended the life of the trainer threefold. This increased durability means lower ongoing running costs. Training can be given on the following injection sites on the shoulder: Acromioclavicular joint, Glenohumeral joint, Bicipital groove and Subacromial space.

Shoulder Injection Trainer APP:

This palpation guided shoulder injection trainer comes with an Android Tablet and a preinstalled app for use during training. The latest model is now completely wireless, utilising Bluetooth to communicate with the app for feedback. Once the shoulder is connected to the application users can access:

  • Injection Practice Mode, which includes: a list of the injection sites and an anatomy view that light up when the site is injected
  • Web based User Guide
  • Interactive Model Anatomy
  • Web based guide to Injection Techniques
  • Web based Ultrasound Gallery


Benefits of Shoulder Injection Trainer:

  • Overview
    • Palpation of shoulder to find the four most common injection points
    • Instant feedback for the trainee when a site is correctly located
    • Suitable for postgraduate learning
    • App features full 360-degree view of the underlying shoulder anatomy and injection sites to aid learning
    • Simple Bluetooth connection between app and trainer
    • Application language options:
      • English (British)
      • English (American)
      • French
      • Mandarin
      • Spanish
      • German
  • Realism
    • Discrete muscle and skin layers for realistic needle feel
  • Versatility
    • Injections from multiple approaches to allow for different preferences
    • Shoulder Injection Trainer comes with two shoulder skins (one on the module, one spare), and cost effective replacement skins are available
    • Shoulder skins have been vigorously tested for repeated use, ensuring a longer life span for the product
    • Torso is compatible with both palpation guided and ultrasound guided Shoulder Injection modules
  • Cleaning
    • NOTE: Shoulder Trainer contains electronics, do not submerge product in water
    • Remove batteries from unit before cleaning
    • Clean product with a damp cloth
    • Allow product to dry thoroughly before storing
  • Safety
    • This product is latex free
    • Package contains needles
    • Use the needles provided with the simulator, or near new needles of 21 gauge
    • This simulator contains electronics, do not inject shoulder with liquids or use near water
    • If storing for long periods of time, remove the batteries from the product
    • Model conforms with ISO IEC 17050-1:2010 and FCC/CFR 47: Part 15, Sub Part B


Skills Gained with Shoulder Injection Trainer:

  • Practice multiple approaches to specific sites
  • Patient positioning and management
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks using palpation guidance
  • Rotation of the shoulder to locate head of the humerus
  • 4 common injection sites:
    • Acromioclavicular Joint
    • Glenohumeral Joint
    • Bicipital Groove
    • Subacromial Space


Injection Trainer Pad

Our soft tissue injection pad is designed for practising intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular tissue injection techniques.

The Injection Trainer has multiple tissue layers representing the epidermis, dermis, fat and muscle layer, and can easily attach to an arm or thigh to help teach professional-to-patient communication.

Benefits of Injection Trainer Pad:

  • Epidermis layer peels back to quickly release subcuticular liquid
  • Tissues are soft and warm to the touch
  • Strap for hybrid simulation
  • Durable replaceable epidermis
  • Latex free

Skills Gained with Injection Trainer Pad:

  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Intradermal and intramuscular injection
  • Management of tissue
  • Professional-to-patient communication


Advanced Venipuncture Arm (Light Skin Tone)

The Advanced Venipuncture Arm can be used to accurately simulate venipuncture, IV cannulation, and IV infusion.

Limbs & Things venipuncture arms accurately represent the key haptics of veins in a male right arm. Using palpation, trainees can determine the location of the veins to draw a blood sample or administer an intravenous injection.

The mock blood system offers a real-life training experience. Trainees will experience realistic blood pressure, blood flashback when entering the vein, and stemmed flow with digital pressure.

This model retains popular features of the original venipuncture range, including, realistic blood flashback, vein haptics and soft flexible skin. To increase user experience within the classroom, enhancements have been made to improve its ease of use and durability.

Benefits of Advanced Venipuncture Arm:

  • Overview
    • Vein structures are now modular with a separate ACF vein and Metacarpal Vein, allowing for replacement of individual parts
    • New and improved skin-locking system (patent pending) improves arm re-skinning after replacing a vein module
    • New vein gripping system allows for easy re-fitting and positioning of veins
    • Advanced Pump System reduces internal leakage for a more user-friendly experience
    • Veins are palpable with realistic haptics for accurate clinical use
    • Infusion tube allows for intravenous fluids to be administered
    • Includes pressurized blood system
  • Realism
    • Arm provides a realistic blood flashback upon insertion of needle
    • Improved arm skin offers a more realistic look and feel
    • Veins in the metacarpal & ACF modules are palpable
    • Realistic representation of the antecubital fossa (SCF) and metacarpal regions
    • With the Advanced Pump, the advanced venipuncture arm operates at an accurate blood pressure
    • Gripping systems secures veins in a true-to-life position
  • Versatility
    • Arm is compatible with vacuum blood collection systems, needles & syringe, and IV cannulas
    • Extended tubing allows for extra maneuverability in the classroom for use with a simulated patient
  • Cleaning
    • Flush liquid from the vein and fluid system before storing your product
    • Clean the skin surface with a damp soft cloth, using warm water and mild detergent
    • Allow skin to thoroughly dry before storing
  • Safety
    • Only use Concentrated Venous Blood supplied with the arms, or product numbers 00020 & 00021, other fluids may weaken or damage the venipuncture simulator
    • Use water-based lubricant to fit arm skin over the venipuncture arm base
    • Veins contain latex, however, these are covered by the silicone arm skin during procedures
  • Anatomy
    • Sites for peripheral venous cannulation – Dorsal metacarpal vein in the hand, Antecubital Fossa (ACF) vein in the arm

    • Metacarpal Vein Module anatomy  – Basilic vein , Cephalic vein, Dorsal metacarpal veins 

    • ACF Vein Module anatomy  – Basilic vein, Cephalic vein, Median cubital vein 

Skills Gained with Advanced Venipuncture Arm:

  • Intravenous Cannulation in dorsal metacarpal and ACF sites
  • IV infusion
  • Venipuncture
  • Practice of aseptic techniques
  • Communications skills when using a simulated patient


Hand & Wrist Injection Trainer

Suitable for all levels of training, it allows trainees and clinicians to practice and teach injections in five different locations within the hand and wrist.

An anatomically correct representation of a man’s hand with important landmarks and underlying structures, the palpation-guided trainer allows for injections into the Carpal Tunnel, De Quervain’s Sheath, Trigger Finger, First Carpometacarpal Joint, and the Distal Radioulnar Joint.

Benefits of Hand & Wrist Injection Trainer:

  • Presence of Median Nerve allows for negative feedback
  • New app provides interactive real-time feedback
  • Each site can withstand over 200 injections
  • Skin can be easily removed and changed
  • Lightweight and easily portable


Venipuncture Arm Skin (Light Skin Tone)

Replacement hand and arm skin for the Light Venipuncture Arm Range. Works with the basic (70304), standard (70302), and advanced (70300) Venipuncture Arm models.

Please note that this product is not backwards compatible with the old Venipuncture Arm family.

Benefits of Venipuncture Arm Skin:

  • Increased realism of the arm (look and feel)
  • Durable skin
  • Skin surface washable using soap and water
  • Latex free


Advanced Venipuncture Arm Vein

Replacement vein to be used with Limbs & Things Advanced Venipuncture Arms range and Bag & Stand Advanced Venipuncture Arm range.

Please note that the product contains latex.


Concentrated Venous Blood – Starter Pack

The Concentrated Venepuncture Blood has been formulated to greatly improve the leak resistance of veins. The Starter Pack offers value for money and enables the mock blood to be stored after use. Makes 2.5 liters of mock blood. This product is non-staining when used correctly.


CFPT Mk 3 Module 1: Normal – Nulliparous Cervix

Normal – Nulliparous Cervix module, for use with CFPT Mk3 – Standard (60900) and CFPT Mk3 – Advanced (60905).

Please note that this module CANNOT be used with the CFPT Mk 2 – Standard or the CFPT Mk 2 – Advanced.


  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water
  • Latex free


Skills Gained:

  • As part of the Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk3 for hands-on examination experience



An anatomically correct birthing simulator with a modular design, allowing for multiple training scenarios.

It is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to both routine and non-routine deliveries, and can be used for hybrid simulation as well as stand-alone bench top training.

The baby represents a full-term infant to simulate normal and difficult birthing scenarios.

Benefits of PROMPT Flex:

  • Realistic pelvic floor
  • Articulating thighs for McRobert’s procedure
  • Stretchable perineum
  • Soft, flexible birthing canal
  • Fully articulated baby with clavicles, fontanelles, flexible head and detachable umbilical cord and placenta
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