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Manufacturer of pressure care products which includes anti-decubitus cushions, anti-decubitus mattress, operating room gel pad positioners and leisure/homecare pressure solutions.

Featured Products


CushionAir Series

Maximise pressure redistribution while decreasing friction and shear.

The unique design allows the cushion to constantly conform and track movements of the body.

The simple adjustment and conformity of the cells accommodates and meets and the unique skin/soft tissue integrity needs of the user.

Designed to maximise

  • Active 1-in-4 cell cycle
  • Ortho-differential SupportTM
  • Multi-stretch cover
  • Microclimate management
  • Fully launderable
  • Simply designed interface
  • Fast, safe and easy manual interventions
  • Patient Transport Facility
  • Continuous Low Pressure mode
  • Max Inflation
  • Adjustable Comfort Control


Cozy Series

Each different interconnected air cells distribute forces evenly across the cushion and allow it be used effectively for low risk skin protection.

Simple adjustment allows the cushion to fit the shape of the individual, minimising tissue deformation and maximising blood flow.

This series includes the following options – Cozy gel cushion (Blue), Cozy (U Air) and PVC Cozy Air Cushion (Gray)


Ez Feel Series

The Ez Feel cushion is made with high-quality polyurethane gel.

The surface is solid, smooth and helps dissipate heat to provide excellent pressure distribtution and comfort.

The true gel material will not migrate, leak, evaporate, harden or dry out if the cushion is accidentally punctured.

This series includes the following options – Ez Feel, Ez Feel Lite 3” and Ez Feel Lite Deluxe 4”.


Ultra Series

The quilted design helps dissipate heat while providing out if the cushion is accidentally puncture.

The material is highly fluids and can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water of a disinfectant.

This series includes the following options – Ultra, Ultra Lite 3” and Ultra Lite Deluxe 4”.


Comfy Series

Made of advanced polymer gel and features and embossed designed to help dissipate heat while providing outstanding pressure relief, comfort and long lasting durability.

The true gel will not mirage, leak, evaporate, harden or dry out of the cushion if accidentally punctured.

The material is highly resistant to bacteria and body fluids which can be easily cleaned/disinfected.

This series includes the following options – Comfy, Comfy Lite 3” and Comfy Lite Deluxe 4”.

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