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Kistler, as a pioneer, has become a global market leader in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement technology, with know-how in a multitude of industries and applications.

To measure means to understand – and understanding paves the way for change. Raw data is transformed into valuable information about what can be optimised in each individual process.

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KiSprint is a comprehensive system to analyse, compare and improve sprint starts. The system includes force measurement, high-speed video capturing, speed measurement and software to analyse and compare different parameters, athletes and sessions.

The instrumented starting blocks record 3-dimensional forces for each leg separately. Angle and position of the footplate are easy adjustable and the footplate is in accordance with the competition blocks. The instrumented starting block is attached to the ground with spikes. A high-speed video camera is capturing the first meters of the sprint start. A laser distance measuring device captures the distance of the athlete over time. The device targets the lumbar region of the athlete and allows continuous measurement of the speed over the whole acceleration phase. In addition, split times are available for any distance. The data acquisition is triggered by an electronic start pistol.

Benefits of KiSprint:

  • Portable system for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy setup
  • Simple adjustment of footplate angle and position
  • Software translates data into reliable performance parameters and contains a comparison mode



Kistler Performance Analysis System for swimming provides kinetic and kinematic information about starts, turns and relay changeovers immediately. Two multi-component force plates on top of the solid start block are recording the forces for each leg separately. An instrumented grab bar measures the force exerted by the hands and arms for different types of starts.

The portable turning plate is easy to install and does not require any construction work on the pool wall. Its large size and the very slim design allow measurements of starts and turns without affecting the elite swimmers movement. All components include piezoelectric sensors. Five high-speed video cameras are capturing the swimmers moves over and under water at 100 fps. They allow precise measurement of position and split times over 15 m distance at high resolution. The data acquisition system provides a frame by frame synchronization of force plate and video data. The software displays the video along with a biomechanical analysis of the kinetic and kinematic information in a way easy to understand.

Features of KiSwim:

  • Performance analysis system with starting block and turning plate
  • 5 cameras
  • Comes with DAQ, work station, starting system and software
  • Installation and customer training included


Force Plates

A 3D force plate from Kistler has proven particularly effective for analyses of complex movement sequences – especially those that go beyond disorders of the feet as such.

The force plate can be used to perform numerous tests and evaluations in order to collect patients’ kinetic and kinematic data. The piezoelectric technology incorporated into the force plates allows very precise acquisition of dynamic processes. In combination with high-performance visualization and data processing software, this technology also provides users with accurate knowledge of the measurands and parameters involved. Performance analysis during rehabilitation is just one example where the solution from Kistler measures moments and ground reaction forces as well as calculating overall performance.

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