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KbPort™ is a software and hardware development company focused on improving educational outcomes.

With 25 years of simulation experience, KbPort LLC’s partners have been committed to enabling institutions to achieve exceptional educational outcomes by using the most advanced technology to offer the highest fidelity systems possible.

Recording, debriefing, center management and patient-care simulators form the key components of KbPort™ Simplicity™ Solutions.

Featured Products


Simplicity Solution

The Simplicity™ solution provides the technology and support tools you need to affect a more positive educational outcome, while maintaining focus on curriculum development and deployment, not on the devices that support them.

Overcomplicated schematics lead to additional maintenance and operating costs.

Enjoy the benefits of the small footprint offered by Simplicity™ – all the functionality, and all the power, without all the burdens.



Enhance the reality and depth of your simulation based education efforts to affect a more positive educational outcome with the most powerful recorder: KbPort™ ETC™ (Event Triggered Camera) systems and the integration capabilities of Simplicity™. 

Available in a variety of form factors to meet the needs of any simulation environment.

ETC™ V7™ is a web-based recorder with live video and audio streaming and instantaneous debriefing from anywhere.

ETC™ V7™ records in high-definition, resulting in crisp images for detailed video debriefing.

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