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In-Shoe or Platform: Which Gait Technology is Right for You?


Are you considering gait analysis technology for your research? Pressure measurement systems – such as the F-Scan GO in-shoe systems, and the Strideway modular gait analysis platform – offer flexibility and objective analysis capabilities to capture information that may be going unnoticed by visual observation.

How do you know if your project is best suited with an in-shoe system, or a platform configuration? Here are some helpful guidelines to consider:

Data & Subjects


1. Who are your patients or subjects?

Young children, geriatrics, or patients with mobility aids may have difficulty with an in-shoe system. On the other hand, platforms are often wide enough to accommodate mobility aids like walkers.

2. What type of testing are you doing?

Both F-Scan GO and Strideway are portable systems, but Strideway requires a larger floor space once assembled. F-Scan GO offers flexibility for changing environments, but Strideway can provide insights into patient stability.

3. What type of data do you want to collect?

Both Strideway and F-Scan GO capture force, pressure and timing information that other systems do not. Strideway provides spatial information such as stride length that F-Scan GO does not, but F-Scan GO has a faster data collection rate, essential in certain sports applications.

Testing Environment


1. Are you limited by space?

Strideway is available in custom sizes to fit your space, but can also be quickly disassembled for storage when needed. F-Scan GO requires little storage space, is portable, and can be used in spaces of any size.

2. How much time will you spend with each patient or subject?

Strideway requires little setup time, and data can be accessed and analysed in an instant. F-Scan GO requires that sensors be trimmed to fit the patient, adding minimal time to the visit.

Common Differentiating Criteria

Depending on if you are using the system to conduct research or treat patients, you might be looking for different features out of your gait system.  Below are some of the common differentiating criteria to be considered.

F-Scan GO System

Strideway System

Vast Data Options
  • Datalogger option for extended duration of data collection
  • Several software add-ons for extensive analysis
Robust Data
  • Provides the pressure and force measurement, plus temporal (time) and spatial (distance) parameters
Highly Portable
  • Collect data in any environment
  • Minimal storage space required
Large Sizes
  • Active sensing length from approximately 1.3-to-5.2m in length (4.3-to-17 feet)
  • Allows addition/subtraction of tiles to adjust length at any time
  • Integrates with other gait labs technologies (EMG, motion capture systems, force plate)
  • Optimised for a variety of additional applications, like running or jumping
Diverse Patient Populations
  • Accommodate a variety of patients, including those with assistive devices, like walkers, canes, or crutches

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