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G&N continue to be market leaders for DVT prevention in the UK, actively supplying the NHS and private healthcare markets.

We have expanded our product portfolio to include colorectal scopes, medical compression garments, retractable needles and pressure relieving devices, which have become a core focus for our business in the coming year.

Featured Products



Our FITLEGS® 2 Compression garment is a lymphoedema garment designed to provide pressure to the legs to help improve circulation, drainage; and aid with the management of the symptoms of lymphoedema.

The unique construction of the weave in FITLEGS® 2 allows us to vastly reduce the amount of elastane whilst still providing the amount of compression required.

Meaning that FITLEGS 2 are softer in use, making them more comfortable to wear, especially over long periods of time.

FITLEGS® 2 provides a graduated compression level of 23-32mmHg improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.



FITLEGS® anti-embolism stocking is our traditional DVT stocking.

They are comfortable to wear and clinically effective in reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

FITLEGS™ are designed to be worn during and immediately after your hospital stay whilst you still have substantially reduced mobility.

Once your mobility has recovered we would recommend Fitlegs Everyday or Fitlegs Life to continue getting the beneficial effects of compression socks.


FITLEGS Sports Range

Our FITLEGS® Sport compression socks are your ideal fitness companion no matter how advanced you are in the fitness world. 

Whether you’re training to run a marathon, hiking in the countryside, or if you’ve taken up running as a new hobby, you want to know you have the support you need to give 100%.

FITLEGS® Sport is the ideal compression, reducing muscle fatigue, soreness and helping to minimize recovery time.

Stay fresh and focused on your game with the ergonomic fit with less fatigue, soreness, and improved recovery.


FITLEGS Life Range

Our FITLEGS® Life range of compression socks are made of microfibre for premium comfort and patterned with fun creative designs to brighten up your day.

The graduated compression level boosts circulation into your legs and feet helping to reduce aches, pain, and swelling all day long.

Whether sat at a desk all day or spending long hours on the feet, FITLEGS® Life is ideal to support you through your working day. 

Ideal for frequent travelers that want excellent health benefits of compression whilst on the road.

For use during and post-pregnancy for tired, achy legs & swollen ankles.


FITLEGS Everyday Range

Our FITLEGS® Everyday range of microfibre compression socks boost circulation in your feet and legs to make sure you feel comfortable, supported, and confident all day long.

The increased blood flow that FITLEGS® Everyday provides helps with the prevention of achy legs and feet; whether it be for a member of the NHS working a long night shift; an expectant mother with aches and pains both pre and post-pregnancy or a frequent traveler that wants to reduce swelling and increase circulation during long journeys, FITLEGS® is there to support you every step of the way.Our 

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