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GENOUROB rapidly distinguished itself from other medical devices manufacturers evolving in the orthopedic industry.

Effectively analyzing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and developing the techniques of managing patients suffering from ACL injuries was therefore the company’s main goal.

Featured Products



SPINEO is a new medical device designed to automate the rehabilitation for patients suffering from pathologies linked to the spine.

This tool enables to reinforce and develop muscles located around the vertebral column by providing exercises where the patient has to straighten his back.

These consequently enhance the treatments of scoliosis, lumbagos, hernias, etc.

Benefits of SPINEO:

  • Complete effect on the back: simultaneously stimulates short and long muscles
  • Proprioceptive work enables patients to become aware of bad postures
  • Enables regular evaluation of axial strength, endurance and flexibility of the back



DYNEELAX is a 4 in 1 device that allows diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation and follow-up of patients suffering from knee ligament injuries.

It is currently the most accurate & reproducible knee arthrometer regarding knee ligament assessment as it is the only one that is completely automated & computerised.

Benefits of DYNEELAX:

  • Capable of assessing ACL laxity very soon after surgery without any risk
  • Dynamic and none-invasive tests
  • Delivery with PC and LDA® Software
  • Patient data automatically saved, results exportable for great communication


Automated Dynamic Laximetry

The innovation Automated Dynamic Laximetry offers an objective and reproducible method to perform Lachman’s test, allowing an evaluation with accurate figures of ligament laxity of the knee at an automated translation.

By comparison of the measurements of both knees, the software displays the laxity curves, calculating the differential of the displacements and of the slopes.

Benefits of Automated Dynamic Laximetry:

  • Progressive pushing force adapts to individual need and guarantees comfort
  • Provides high precision laximetry
  • Force applied identically to both knees warrants comparison of measurements and reproducibility of tests
  • Measures the provoked medial and lateral rotation to the degree
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