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As a long-standing system supplier for SIEMENS, gbo has developed both a sound know-how base in medical technology and the corresponding understanding of quality in development and production.

The company was founded in 1969 as “Gerätebau Odenwald”. The original purpose of the company was to assemble ULTRATHERM 608 short-wave devices for SIEMENS.

This developed into a close cooperation over the following 25 years, in which gbo eventually developed and produced complete ranges of physical therapy equipment for SIEMENS.

Featured Products



The comfort therapy device takes a top position in electrotherapy. It works with three-dimensional interference current, which is created by superimposing three medium-frequency currents flowing in different directions.

It can be used as a stimulation current and ultrasound therapy device as well as for the combination of stimulation current with ultrasound.

In contrast to classical interference methods, the additional third circuit causes a slow change in intensity on the one hand and a rhythmic shift of the interference field on the other.

This dynamic of stimulus location and intensity reduces the habituation effect and thus improves the effect.


  • One-level user interface through 15″ colour touch screen
  • High-quality design made of 8 mm brushed aluminium
  • Quick operation via favourites selection
  • All language variants possible
  • Accessories of the 8 and 9 series compatible
  • Indication selection with investment assistance through colour images
  • Interactive help menu



Ultratherm is the new benchmark in shortwave therapy. In the new Ultratherm®, all major technological advances have been realized: the new solid-state power amplifier enables superior power delivery up to a new peak of 1100 watts of pulse power. The 12″ large display with capacitive touch gives the user the same feeling as a modern tablet. The operation according to our one-touch philosophy has been consistently developed further. There are plenty of easy-to-program individual places available, which can then be called up as favorites with one touch.


  • 1100 Watts – Most powerful shortwave in the market
  • Robust solid state power amplifier (no tubes!)
  • Operation via 12″ capacitive touch – Like tablet
  • Programmable favorites = Individual One Touch operation
  • Modern “Clean Design”
  • Many language variants possible
  • High-quality metal housing



HiToP® PNP based on the conviction that not only active exercise – i.e. sport – improves the metabolism, but also “passive” exercise in the form of external electrical muscle stimulation. Unlike classic electrotherapy (TENS), it acts directly on the muscle in depth and produces pleasant but intense and thus effective contractions. In the studies (see box below), diabetics experienced an improvement in insulin sensitivity, as well as a moderate weight loss of approx. 1.4 kg / 6 weeks.

The home medical device includes all the necessary accessories. It is designed in such a way that even laypersons can manage it very well. The cuffs are very easy and comfortable to put on. At the beginning of the treatment, it is best to do the therapy daily in order to achieve the fastest possible results. In the later course, three treatments per week, 30 minutes each, are sufficient.


For the sensible and correct use of the HiToP® PNP, you need other accessories in addition to the device, which are included in the trial month. These include:

  • A connection cable
  • Easy-Fix electrodes
  • 4 fixation bandages
  • A bottle of the contact spray
  • Instruction manual


Duodynator® Neoserv®

The Duodynatoris a microprocessor controlled electrical stimulation device for electrotherapy. The application makes the device ideal for use in the physiotherapy department of hospitals and in the modern and well-equipped practice. It is a therapeutic device for the classic electro-therapy with single-circuit currents, particularly in multi-channel operation, as well as for therapy with two-dimensional interference currents.

If two middle-frequency electrical circuits of different frequencies, or those which are phase shifted towards each other, transpose, a new frequency –the interference frequency –is generated at the intersection point through superpositioning of the superposed amplitudes. This allows the desired highest possible low-frequency stimulation from the immediate area surrounding the electrode to be shifted into deeper regions, since this is where it is generated.


The Duodynatorthus is well suited for:

  • Pain
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Muscle training
  • Muscle stimulation (increase energy consumption)
  • Rehabilitation and mobilisation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells in the epidermis tissue)
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Edema treatment
  • Fat burning
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