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Gaumard designs and develop patient simulators, task trainers, learning modules, and mixed reality solutions designed to facilitate safe and effective training opportunities for healthcare students and professionals.

Featured Products


HAL S5301

From emergency care to ICU and med-surg training, HAL is engineered to fulfill educational objectives across clinical disciplines and blur the lines between simulation and real life.

New conversational speech, lifelike motor movement, next-gen simulated physiology, UNI® 3, and many more industry-first capabilities usher in the next revolutionary leap in simulation.

  • Conversational speech
  • Lifelike motor movement
  • Real medical equipment support
  • Advanced anatomy and physiology


Obstetric MR

Obstetric MR™ is a next-generation mixed reality training solution for VICTORIA® S2200 designed to help learners bridge the gap between theory and practice faster than ever before.

Using the latest technology in holographic visualization, Obstetric MR brings digital learning content into the physical simulation exercise, allowing participants to link knowledge and skill through an entirely new hands-on training experience. 

  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • Seamless and powerful scenario integration.
  • Observe clinical intervention in real-time.
  • The control you need in one place.
  • The anatomy lab reimagined in mixed reality.
  • Enhanced debriefing tools. More opportunities for learning.


Pediatric HA

Pediatric HAL® is the world’s most advanced pediatric patient simulator and the first capable of simulating lifelike emotions through dynamic facial expressions, movement, and speech.

HAL is designed to help providers of all levels develop the specialized skills needed to effectively communicate, diagnose, and treat young patients in nearly all clinical areas.

  • Interactive eyes and active facial expressions
  • Dynamic lung compliance with true ventilator support
  • Real patient monitor support: SpO2, EKG, capnography, NIBP, live pacing, and defibrillation
  • Emergency intervention: surgical airway, needle decompression, chest tube insertion
  • Wireless and tetherless
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