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Cometa manufacture wireless EMG and IMU systems, which are tools to better analyse, measure and understand the human body for medical, research and animation applications. Their innovative electromyography solutions lead to an unmatched lean and readable output EMG trace.

Cometa’s technologies ensure high signal quality and integration capabilities, and their diverse portfolio includes miniature and waterproof EMGs and IMUs, software and accessories.

Featured Products



WaveX is not just the evolution of Wave Plus, but it is the result of years of research and market feedback thanks to which Cometa has obtained an unparalleled synthesis of power and user experience.

The receiver is touchscreen for a touch of modern, giving all the necessary feedback to the user including battery life, sensor type and signal strength. It can be paired with new sensors with integrated IMU, more powerful transmission units, and wifi chip for faster memory download. As usual, the range includes fixed distance sensors, flexible sensors, and waterproof sensors to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

Benefits of WaveX:

  • Up to 36 channels simultaneously
  • Fast memory download via wifi
  • 8 hours onboard memory
  • Integrated IMU up to 500Hz
  • 40 Configurable analogue outputs
  • 18/36 channel architecture
  • New receiver with touchscreen
  • MDR class IIa certification



PicoX is a fundamental element of the new WaveX system. The architecture is based on our Pico sensor but this upgraded version packs many new features. Cometa introduced both a more powerful transmitter and a new IMU sensor that can be used together with the EMG or by itself.

PicoX is slightly bigger than Pico, but includes a completely closed plastic cover, and IMU sensor for sampling up to 400Hz, and wifi for fast download. You can instrument your patient or subject in seconds without having to worry about intra electrode distance or additional stickers. Perfect for many applications, PicoX has been designed with the clinical gait lab in mind. Speed, ease of use and low artefact signals are all part of the PicoX design.

Benefits of PicoX:

  • 2000 Hz EMG sampling frequency
  • 500 Hz IMU sampling frequency
  • Extended 40 meters indoor range
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Up to 36 synchronized channels


MiniX Waterproof

MiniX Waterproof is the new underwater EMG by Cometa that is now IP68 certified and can be reliably used underwater to a dept of 5 meters for 1 hour. This is an outstanding achievement and makes it redundantly resistant for most water applications.

MiniX Waterproof is ideal for pool rehabilitation, flume applications, heavy duty research, sea applications and much more. You can download your athlete or patient’s data in a matter of minutes with the integrated wifi transmitter, increasing the possibilities of use out in the field.

Benefits of MiniX Waterproof:

  • Exclusive waterproof design
  • All the features of standard MiniX sensors
  • Up to 18 synchronized channels
  • Fast memory download
  • 15% smaller than Mini Wave Waterproof
  • IP68 certified to a depth of 5 meters for 3 hours


Pico EMG

The Cometa PicoEMG has been the smallest surface EMG sensor in the world for several years, without compromising on performance. Similar to the Mini Wave Infinity, the PicoEMG includes on-board memory for synchronous data logging and an integrated accelerometer, with a minimalist design, improved battery life, and small size. PicoEMG also adds some improvements aimed at making it the best system for a gait analysis lab daily activities, which include an improved battery life and a reduced size.

A black single frame casing which surrounds the electronics, and integrates the transparent LED light. The total absence of cable clips make it stronger than ever and reduce the antenna effect, and the symmetrical construction drastically reduces motion artefacts.

Benefits of Pico EMG:

  • 2000Hz EMG sampling frequency
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 7 grams total weight
  • 30 meters indoor range
  • Integrated clip connections
  • Quick electrode placement
  • Inductive recharge
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • CE medical certification
  • Compatible with Wave Plus receivers
  • Fully compatible with EMG and Motion Tools acquisition software


Mini Wave Waterproof

The first truly wireless underwater EMG system in the world. The Mini Wave Waterproof is equipped with a fully waterproof coating, special rubber gaskets and custom remote controller for asynchronous acquisitions. Developed by Cometa, these accessories allow the acquisition of EMG signal underwater, making it as simple as a regular recording.

No patches are needed on top of the transmitters or the electrodes, the underwater acquisition will require about 5 extra minutes in the setup, compared to a regular Mini Wave Infinity acquisition.

Features of Mini Wave Waterproof:

  • Memory on board for 8 hours of acquisition
  • Remote controller
  • IPX7 certified (up to 1 meter)
  • Fully compatible with Wave Plus receivers, which makes it fully compatible with EMG and Motion Tools acquisition software


WaveTrack IMU

The WaveTrack IMU sensors are a natural partner to any modern wireless EMG solution. After many years of experience in transmission protocols and miniaturisation, the Cometa WaveTrack is the smallest wireless IMU (inertial motion tracking) transmitter in the world, with several outstanding features which make it absolutely unique.

Features of WaveTrack IMU:

  • 70 or 140 Hz of fused data (quaternions) with 9 Dof
  • 140 or 280 Hz of fused data (quaternions) with 6 Dof (highest in the market)
  • 280 Hz of raw data (accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer)
  • Same sampling frequency for any number of channels
  • 8 hours battery life
  • 9.8 grams of weight
  • Inductive recharge
  • 3D model synched with video
  • 40 meters range
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