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Care of Sweden


Supplies a variety of pressure relief mattresses used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Caters to municipalities, county councils, and private healthcare providers.

Care of Sweden is also a member of the industry organization for medical technology in Sweden.

Featured Products


CuroCell A4

An automatic mattress system with a dynamic function, good comfort and functionality, the CuroCell® A4 aids in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries.

It has an automatic control unit with a user-friendly interface, and regulates independently the inner pressure of the mattress to different values based on the user’s weight and position.

Benefits of CuroCell® A4:

  • Individually replaceable cells
  • Unique CPR-function with transport function
  • Unique design for easy handling and usage
  • Fully automated pump that adapts individually
  • User-friendly interface with audible and visual notifications


Optimal 5zon

Intended for all healthcare environments as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

It has good pressure redistribution properties⁽²⁾ and is also equipped with our patented(5) DuoCore® sit function.

Optimal 5zon® is placed directly on the bed and replaces both the standard mattress and mattress pad.

Benefits of Optimal 5zon®:

  • Unique zone and module system give effective pressure equalization
  • Minimize the effects of shear forces
  • Hygienic cover is vapor permeable and easy to clean


Optimal Care

Made to meet the requirements for a modern mattress used in health care environments, Optimal Care is a pressure redistributing mattress divided into zones adapted to the body.

It also has reinforced sides to give support when getting into and out of bed.

Benefits of Optimal Care:

  • Relief pressure by redistribution of contact pressure
  • Module system on both sides which makes it reversible
  • Divided into zones adapted to body

Here is a list of the other products:

  • Seat Cushions – Curera
  • Positioning Pillows – Curera
  • Accessories such as Evacuation Sheet and Hygiene Covers Pillows
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