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Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Bertec is an internationally recognised designer, manufacturer and marketer of research-grade and clinical biomechanical equipment and software.

Founded in 1987, Bertec continues to tackle some of the most ambitious engineering projects in biomechanics, mechatronics, immersive visual reality, balance, mobility, and visual-motor processing to bring industry-leading solutions to practitioners, researchers, and performance specialists.

Featured Products


Force Plates

Bertec force plates are designed for gait, balance, and performance analyses. Their patented strain gauge technology, innovative transducer designs, and quality manufacturing help you capture the highly accurate data needed for your research.

Bertec force plates lead the industry in center of pressure and force measurement accuracy with negligible crosstalk, drift, and signal interference. Analog signals sampled internally at 1000Hz are immediately processed bytheir custom electronics into digital data impervious to degradation. They allow for accurate and reliable data collection in more natural environments, and are backed by Bertec’s strong industry warranty.

Benefits of Bertec Force Plates:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Variety of sizes and load ranges
  • Superior electronics
  • Negligible cross talk, drift and signal interference
  • Ease of data collection
  • Strongest industry warranty


Instrumented Treadmill

The Bertec Fully Instrumented Treadmill allows researchers to reduce gait laboratory space requirements and remove the limitations inherent in a traditional gait walkway. The unique design results in superior dynamic characteristics and a high natural frequency making it the most trusted research-grade fully instrumented treadmill available on the market.

Meticulously designed, the Bertec Fully Instrumented Treadmill is a split belt system with each side controlled independently (or synced) in both forward and reverse directions. With optional instrumented handrails and incline systems, you can expand your studies to collect more scenarios including upper and lower body forces up to 15 degrees.

Bertec treadmills offer high quality data at precision-controlled speeds and accelerations. The system’s high natural frequency, low vibration drive system, and Bertec’s custom electronics enable independent and highly accurate 6-component load measurements output at 1000 Hz from each belt.

Features of Instrumented Treadmill:

  • Independent motion control of each belt
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Ease of treadmill control
  • Variety of applications and ease of integration
  • Unique design features
  • Fully redesigned software solution
  • Create custom experimental protocols


Dynamic CDP System

Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR) combines immersive virtual environments with dual-balance force plate technology. The advancements in Bertec’s technology increase the clinical value of CDP in both assessment and targeted therapy interventions, especially for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems and/or motion sensitivity. Training with immersive, virtual stimuli can increase patient motivation, adaptability and variability—all factors that positively affect patient outcomes.

Bertec’s extensive biomechanical engineering experience enables a technologically superior and clinically robust computerised dynamic posturography system. The use of immersive virtual reality unlocks endless training and visual assessment scenarios previously unavailable to clinicians and simply impossible with a mechanical surround. It allows you to work side-by-side with your patient through creating compelling visual conflict using a library of stimuli that allow real-time modification of difficulty parameters.

Features of the Dynamic CDP System:

  • Next generation CDP
  • Immersive virtual reality training
  • Expanded assessment and treatment protocols
  • Enhanced visual stimulus
  • Low profile for easy access
  • Touch screen display and remote control
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