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LymphaTouch® is a medical device designed to relieve swelling and pain in primary and secondary lymphedema, after traumas and injuries, as well as pre and postoperatively.

It can also be used for injury prevention as a part of recovery treatment and muscle maintenance but it can also be part of the rehabilitation from sports injuries.

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LymphaTouch LT01

LymphaTouch® LT01 combines gentle negative pressure and mechanical vibration to enhance lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and scars, and fascia release.

It expands and stretches the skin and the tissue, pulling anchor filaments to dilate the endothelial openings of the lymphatic capillaries.

Simultaneously, the expansion of fascial and connective tissue structures create space for blood circulation and lymph flow.

Benefits of LT01:

  • Unique design helps prevent scar tissue formation through improved oxidation and lymphatic circulation
  • Relieves discomfort and promotes overall recovery
  • Provides individualized, active rehabilitation treatment
  • Improve joint functionality and range of motion though effective joint care
  • Five sizes of treatment cups for different body areas
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