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In 2000, Longest was founded with the goal of becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of physiotherapy and rehabilitation products through constant innovation, international-standard manufacturing, and customer-focused service.

Over the years, We have been firmly committed to the goal.

We employ the latest technologies and highly qualified personnel for product R&D and manufacturing.

Our product lines have been expanded, serving more and more medical providers worldwide.

Featured Products


MStim Reha LGT-231

MStim Reha LGT-231, a medical device, is a new portable technology of additional DVT prophylaxis.

  • Longest LGT-231 electric pulse muscle stimulator increases the venous flow of the lower limbs and has a prophylactic effect against the formation of DVT.
  • It’s applied in hospital and after discharging in most high-risk of DVT cases: high risk of DVT surgery situations including orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, neurosurgery, multiple traumas, and high-risk patients such as cancer patients, people having a past history of DVT, overweight, long periods of immobility, inherited clotting disorder, and the elderly, etc. Longest LGT-231 is one of the best neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices for DVT mechanical prophylaxis.
  • Adopting electrical muscle stimulation for preventing venous stasis during surgical treatment, this microcurrent therapy machine is invented to stimulate the blood flow with small current that are suitable for enhancing muscle contraction.
  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is the transcutaneous application of electrical impulses to elicit muscle contraction, preventing venous stasis. It significantly reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis compared to no prophylaxis.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) promotes blood flow in lower limb veins. This type of stimulation increases flows velocity in the deep veins in a way analogous to that of electrical muscle stimulation and IPC. LGT-231 is easy to use and applies the electrodes on the concerned leg (or legs), in a sitting, semi-recumbent or lying position to increase the intensity slowly and progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions.


MStim Drop LGT-233

MStim Drop LGT-233 is a wearable and portable FES machine for foot drop treatment.

This foot drop stimulator applies low-frequency electrical impulses to weak, damaged, or paralyzed muscles from neurological injury or disease to help patients correct gaits, improve muscle strength and flexibility, and prevent atrophy effectively.

This FES machine is mainly designed for foot drop patients to walk more naturally and live more independently.

With training mode and walking mode, it can highly meet all needs of foot drop treatment.

The effective electrical stimulation for foot drop can help you regain confidence.

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