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KINVENT to The Aid of Athletes in Rehabilitation


A support solution for athletes undergoing rehabilitation or wishing to improve their performance, KINVENT is counting on the 2024 Olympic Games to develop on a large scale.

Training, surpassing oneself, injuries, rehabilitation…

So many subjects that Athanase Kollias knows well. Being the former French rowing champion and rugby enthusiast, he had to resort to physiotherapy sessions to regain his level after several injuries.

However, the sessions did not motivate him and were time-consuming. A biomechanic by training, he then designed a support solution for athletes undergoing rehabilitation.


Treatment and Prevention

training with kinvent

KINVENT couples six sports instruments with its KFORCE APP.

An example would be the plates, on which users can do squats while they are measured on their muscular, cardiac and even breathing activity thanks to the device’s numerous sensors.

All data is sent directly to the APP and recorded by physiotherapists or trainers to monitor the progress of the user and assess areas for improvement. They can then adapt exercises accordingly for the patient to progress towards recovery.

KINVENT also helps prevent possible injuries by being a useful companion during sports activities. The package is able to measure the force produced by its user and indicate if it is safe for users to push further during exercise.

“The best thing is to put in place a system to minimise risk and ensure the least amount of injury,” confirms Athanase Kollias.


How It All Started for KINVENT

It was last October, when he was part of the Montpellier Business & Innovation Center (BIC) incubator, that Athanase Kollias was put in touch with Véronique Alibert, head of the Neo Business system at Caisse d ‘ Savings Languedoc-Roussillon.

“We thought that Athanase Kollias’ project could be interesting for the sports world. Moreover, when we met, KINVENT was already at the start of its commercialisation and had passed the proof-of-concept stage.”

To join the Neo Business labeling program, KINVENT pitched to a committee of experts from Caisse d’ Epargne and other recognised local entrepreneurs.

This is how Kinvent’s solution was able to be tested not only by the Montpellier rugby team, but also by the Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches and the Saint-Roch Clinic.

“KINVENT also makes it possible to identify promising athletes and support them in their training”, explains Athanase Kollias.

The sensors offered by the brand make it possible to assess the physical potential of athletes and thus to see if an athlete can achieve the excellence required to participate in the Olympic Games.

Nevertheless, before thinking about 2024, Athanase Kollias wants above all to focus on the commercial growth of his company.

Visit our page KINVENT if you wish to enquire about the product or request a demo with us.

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