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Interview with Singapore’s Legendary Sportsman – Mr C. Kunalan


As part of Healing From Home Health Chat Interview series, the team has invited legendary sportsman, Mr C. Kunalan, to share with us his stories in becoming an athlete and his achievements, clinching the title – Singapore’s Sportsman of the Year in 1968 and 1969.

In the first part of the interview, Mr C. Kunalan shared that he was a “small and frail-looking” boy when he was younger and he discovered his athletic side nearing his adulthood. He went on the elaborate how he eventually took up the opportunity to train as a runner in the later years while being an educator. His remarkable feat was in the 1958 Mexico City Olympic Games when he set a national record that stood for 33 years. Throughout the journey to becoming a successful sportsman, he also mentioned a special person, Madam Chong Yoong Yin, who stood by him dearly.

At the age of 78, Mr C. Kunalan remains upbeat and healthy. What are the secrets to keeping in a good shape? During the interview, he also shared some of the exercise routines and diets which help him stay fit. Here are some of the demonstrations of his daily routine.


Lastly, here are some words of advice from Mr C. Kunalan to the next generation of athletes. “Winning is important … but just as important are the values of excellence, friendship and respect.” He mentioned that these are also the values of Olympism and they are important for every sportsman and even individuals to uphold in our daily lives.

We are very honored and grateful for having Mr C. Kunalan with us on the first Healing From Home Health Chat Interview series and we wish him all the best and great health in many years to come.


Watch Interview With Mr C. Kunalan

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