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Heuser Apparatebau GmbH


Heuser Apparatebau GmbH is a long-established company, with its origins in engineering and manufacturing of industrial equipment. In 1980, the company introduced its first medical devices for heat-therapy purposes.

With decades of experience and now operating alongside the third family generation, Heuser Apparatebau GmbH holds a leading role as manufacturer and service partner in the physiotherapy sector.

Featured Products


Paraffin Baths

Heuser paraffin baths of types (type PB) are class I medical devices and are designed for heating and keeping warm paraffin in physiotherapy. The contents are heated evenly and quickly by a large-area silicone heating mat. Energy-saving insulation prevents heat loss. Optional accessories, such as steel frames and shelves complete the product.

Features of Paraffin Baths:

  • Self-supporting outer casing made of pattern-rolled stainless steel
  • Lid with handle bar in red, green or black
  • Gas spring on lid
  • Energy-saving insulation against heat loss
  • Electronic temperature control with digital temperature display
  • Temperature measurement directly in the water
  • Even and fast heating due to large-area silicone heating mat
  • Operation control lamp and heating control lamp
  • Water drain with chrome-plated ball valve on the front side
  • Removable paraffin container
  • Medical device class I


Halogen Infrared Spot IRS

The halogen infrared radiator type IRS is a medical device of class IIa – CE0044, which is used in the treatment of patients in the context of physiotherapy. Each of the three halogen illuminants of 200 watts can be switched individually. Photobiological safety according to DIN EN 62471 is guaranteed. Various mounting systems are available for this unit (e.g. mobile lamp stands or wall arm HWA).

Features of Halogen Infrared Spot IRS:

  • Powder-coated steel/aluminum sheet housing
  • Housing color white/black
  • 3 halogen illuminants à 200 W, which produce radiation in the therapeutically effective infrared range
  • Each illuminant individually switchable
  • 3 reflectors, which distribute the radiation evenly over a large area
  • Tested photobiological safety according to DIN EN 62471
  • Digital timer with repeat function
  • Protection against touching the filter glass
  • Main switch with control lamp
  • Optional accessories: electronic dimmer
  • Compatible with spotlight stand SST / SSU / SSV
  • Compatible with Heuser wall arm HWA
  • Compatible with the ACROBAT 2000 support systems from Ondal
  • Medical device class IIa


Heating Cabinets

All Heuser heating cabinets are class I medical devices. The type F device is used for keeping fango kerosene warm, the types S and SE for heating and keeping silicate packs warm in physiotherapy. The medical devices of both classes are characterized by a high control accuracy of ± 2 °C as well as by a uniform and fast heating by means of a circulating air system.

Features of Heating Cabinet:

  • Self-supporting outer housing made of pattern-rolled stainless steel
  • Inner housing with 6 or 14 insertion levels
  • Basic equipment
    • WS 6-6044 F and WS 6-7054 F – 5 aluminium catch plates
    • WS 14-6044 F and WS 14-7054 F – 10 aluminium catch plates
    • WS 6-6044 S/SE and WS 6-7054 S /SE – 4 perforated aluminum sheets
    • WS 14-6044 S/SE and WS 14-7054 S /SE – 10 perforated aluminum plates
  • Insulated door with magnetic lock and red, green or black handle bar
  • Electronic control between 30° C and 85° C (ovens F) or 30 °C and 95 °C (ovens S, SE)
  • High control accuracy ± 2° C
  • Even and fast heating due to circulating air system
  • Operating control lamp
  • Heating control lamp
  • Class I medical products
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