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F Care Systems


F Care Systems is a proudly Belgian leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment. 

Their focus lies on the treatment of various types of varicose veins and haemorrhoids based on the principle of thermocoagulation.

Their innovations and new developments offer a wide range of solutions for practitioners and have a minimal impact on the patients daily life.

Featured Products


Rafaelo® Procedure

Rafaelo® or Radiofrequency treatment of haemorrhoids under local anaesthesia, is a new approach with great clinical outcome and quick recovery.

A specially designed probe HPR45i allows practitioners to work quickly with good visibility and immediate result.

In combination with the local anesthesia, the procedure time is reduced by 50% making it a rather painless procedure. Post-operative care is reduced to a minimum in most cases.

Benefits of Rafaelo® Procedure:

For Patients

  • Minimally invasive
  • Quick procedure performed in day-case or outpatient setting
  • Quick return to daily activities
  • Comparatively little or no pain


For Physicians

  • Under local anesthesia
  • Immediate clinical results
  • Minimal post-operative care
  • Easy to learn and simple to perform the procedure
  • Cost-effective and efficient treatment
  • An excellent alternative to more invasive techniques



The Fistura® procedure uses radio frequency thermocoagulation to treat anal fistulas utilising the emission of electromagnetic waves at a very high frequency (4MHz), similar to the principle of a microwave.

The flexible Fistura® catheter is inserted from the external opening and follows the tract of the anal fistula easily.

This minimally invasive technique seals the fistula tract without having to open the anal sphincter and is performed in a day-case or the outpatient setting, with minimal discomfort for the patient, allowing an immediate return to daily activities.

Benefits of Fistura®:

For the Practitioner

• Quick and efficient minimally invasive procedure
• Simple to perform
• Excellent alternative to more invasive techniques
• Highly effective on patients with Crohn’s disease
• Minimal post-operative care
• Safe control of energy, avoiding damage to adjacent tissue
or muscles

For the Patient

• Minimally invasive
• Quick procedure performed in a day-case or outpatient setting
• Comparatively little or no pain
• Minimal post-operative care
• Immediate return to daily activities

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