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EWAC Medical


EWAC Medical is the world market leader in Aquatic Rehabilitation Equipment. Their high quality hydrotherapy products are installed in over a thousand hospitals and institutions globally. EWAC Medical supports its customer projects from the initial stages up to installation and commissioning. In addition to that EWAC Medical contributes actively in spreading and obtaining knowledge about hydrotherapy.

Featured Products


Underwater Treadmill

Underwater treadmills are used in water-based rehabilitation because they provide a low-impact, yet effective way for patients to exercise. The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on the joints, which makes it an ideal option for patients with injuries or mobility issues. Additionally, the resistance of the water can provide a challenging workout for patients, which can help to improve strength and endurance. The speed and resistance can be adjusted to provide a customised workout for each patient.

Underwater treadmills can be used for a wide range of conditions such as post-operative, orthopedic and neurologic conditions, as well as for sports training and fitness. They can also be used as a gait training tool for patients with neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury and brain injury. They can also be used to help build endurance, strength, and balance in athletes.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmill:

  • Provides an excellent combination of weight bearing reduction and walking exercises to mobilize otherwise stiff or injured joints
  • Treat obesity with minimal impact
  • Strict walking rhythm has added value in neurology
  • Patients can begin underwater walking exercises almost immediately


Modular Therapy Pool

Modular pools are used in aquatic rehabilitation because they provide a controlled and safe environment for patients to exercise in. The water provides buoyancy and support for patients with mobility issues or injuries, which allows them to move and exercise with less stress on their joints. Additionally, the resistance of the water can be used to provide a challenging workout for patients, which can help to improve strength and endurance. Modular pools are also used because they can be easily set up and taken down, making them a flexible option for rehabilitation centers that may not have a permanent pool on site.

Benefits of Modular Therapy Pool:

  • Can convert any useful space into a hydrotherapy area
  • Made available to nursing homes, hospitals, and minor rehabilitation clinics
  • Therapist may accurately track and correct the movements via observation windows on the pool’s sides
  • Can be customised with a variety of extras, including a movable swimming pool floor and an underwater treadmill


Movable Swimming Pool Floor

Movable swimming pool floors are used in aquatic rehabilitation to provide a versatile and safe environment for patients to perform exercises and movements that may be difficult or impossible to do on land. The movable floor allows for the water level to be adjusted to the patient’s needs, providing a level of support and resistance that can help to improve strength, balance, and coordination.

One of the main reasons why movable pool floors are used in aquatic rehabilitation is because of the buoyancy provided by water. This buoyancy helps to reduce the amount of weight bearing on the joints, making it easier for patients to perform exercises and movements. This can be especially beneficial for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries to the lower extremities, such as knee or hip replacements, or for patients with conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Benefits of Movable Swimming Pool Floor:

  • Enables therapists to set the right depth for the patient
  • Safe environment – allows for easy access in and out of the pool, and can be used for wheelchair access
  • Buoyancy of the water reduces the loading on the patients’ joints
  • Being able to change the water depth opens a large range of extra treatment possibilities and methods

Here is a list of the other products:

  • Transfer Equipment
  • Self-Adjusting Stairs
  • Parallel Bars
  • Underwater Bicycle
  • Obstacle course
  • Pooltrack Curve
  • Butterfly bath | Hubbard Tank
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