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Enraf Nonius


Enraf-Nonius provide medical products and projects which help people improve their health and quality of life.  For decades, Enraf-Nonius is market leader in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and for turn-key medical facilities. Supplying excellent products and optimal healthcare projects worldwide is what they do.

Featured Products


Sonopuls 492

The Sonopuls 490 is the complete, easy-to-use, fast and safe device for ultrasound therapy. You will be able to select the correct application for every pathology with both 1 MHz and 3 MHz applications and by selecting a small and/or large treatment head. As is the case for all 4 series devices, the Sonopuls 490 is characterised an easy-to-use touch screen operation. All information that you may need is displayed in a very well organised
manner. Selecting the correct parameters is also easy. Thanks to the integrated evidence-based protocols, the best recommendations will
be made. The graphic help screens that display localisations and anatomic representations guarantee the correct execution of the therapy.

The Sonopuls 490 has 25 evidence-based protocols for ultrasound therapy; all of which are substantiated applications that guarantee an effective therapy. The Sonopuls 490 can (optionally) be provided with a battery-operated power supply, making it easy to take the Sonopuls 490 with you.

Benefits of Sonopuls 492:

  • All electrotherapy modalities for effective pain relief and muscle stimulation
  • Dynamic ultrasound for rapid tissue regeneration
  • Static handsfree ultrasound (StatUSTM) for the most efficient application and the least time
    consuming method of ultrasound therapy including bone-healing
  • Combination therapy for diagnostics (the best way to find for example deep triggerpoints)
    and for treatment of soft tissue injuries
  • Various pain management treatments simultaneously


Curapuls 970

The Curapuls 970 is an advanced unit for continuous and pulsed shortwave therapy. The continuously adjustable intensity and the output of 400 Watt provide optimum application possibilities. Continuous shortwave therapy helps to increase circulation and stimulate metabolism. The pulsed peak power can be set to a maximum of 1000 Watts, but the related average power is much lower. Biological processes, which should not be heat-treated, can therefore be treated a-thermally.

An electrical field can be created with the disc electrodes or the rubber electrodes, depending on the shape and size of the body part to be treated. a choice can be made from a wide range of capacitive electrodes. A magnetic field can be created with the Circuplode or Flexiplode, and the treatment planes of the Flexiplode can be adjusted to fit the body part.

Besides the well known effects of heat therapy with continuous radiation, the unit’s pulsed mode will stimulate wound healing, oedema and haematoma absorption, pain reduction and stimulation of the peripheral circulation.

Features of Curapuls 970:

  • Continuous and pulsed output
  • Conveniently arranged display
  • Wide range of electrodes
  • Four large castors
  • Adjustable electrode arms


Manumed Optimal 3-Section

Manumed Optimal 3-Section is the most versatile treatment and examination couch. The versatility of the Manumed Optimal 3-section offers you, the modern and demanding physiotherapist, the perfect treatment and examination couch. Everything is possible: lying and sitting positions, Trendelenburg and flexion position, which can be adjusted during treatment with the patient simply remaining on the couch.

In short, it is the most universal couch available, which gives both the therapist and the patient the experience of comfortable treatment. Elegant in appearance and sturdy on its retractable castors, the Manumed Optimal 3-section is the obvious choice for the therapist who makes high demands on a professional top quality treatment couch.

Features of Manumed Optimal 3-Section:

  • 4 (up to 7) independently adjustable sections, allowing an infinite number of sitting and lying positions
  • Many adjustable positions, including the flexion- and (anti-)Trendelenburg positions
  • Electrically adjustable plinth comes standard with electrical high/low motors
  • Load capacity up to 200 kg (some models optional to 250 kg)
  • Head section folds down completely for better access of the Cervical region
  • Optimally positioned handles
  • Padded sections with soft edges
  • Long nose hole, allowing proximal or distal movement of the patient even when lying in prone position
  • Optional a triangular nose hole or without nose hole
  • Wheel raising mechanism for easy movement of the couch and stationary fixing
  • Height can be adjusted hydraulically or electrically
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