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DPE Medical


DPE Medical Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Mr. Daniel Orgal, the chief developer and CEO. Their line of products enables gradual practice on flat surfaces, stairs and slopes, combines with the latest monitoring and gait analysis systems.

As past patients, the employees see the direct and continuous connection with their customers as the key to detecting daily rehabilitation problems, and the way to developing the solutions.

Featured Products


DST Triple Sense

DST Triple Sense full gait analysis system takes patient performance to the next level using data from force plates and advanced software. It provides optimal rehabilitation treatment tailored to patient’s needs and capabilities.

The DST Triple Sense combines all three mandatory gait functions – flat-surface walking, climbing stairs and negotiating slopes – with the most advanced gait analysis technology, providing a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment. It helps diagnose, treat and study patients’ ambulatory capabilities on neurological, orthopedic, and geriatric rehabilitation.

Analysed Data Includes:

  • Stair Usage – Ascend/Descend Height and Time
  • Slope Usage – Ascend/Descend Degree and Time
  • Parallel Bars – 3 Meter Walk-time
  • Right/Left Force Distribution
  • Anterior/Posterior Force Distribution
  • Center of Pressure
  • Feet Angle
  • Step Length
  • Step Time


DST8000 Triple Pro

DST8000 Triple Pro combines three devices in one, including an adjustable staircase for walking up and down steps, a walking surface inclined at different angles, and a full horizontal parallel bar. The unit’s sleek versatile design simulates everyday urban terrain – enabling patients to train and practice different slopes, stairs and gaits without changing equipment.

With a click of a button, therapists can adjust the degree of the slope and the height of the stairs. Patients benefits from an optimal training regimen, leading to improved performance in less time and efforts. The Pro system monitors, tracks, and displays the patient’s gait and performance while practicing all aspects of the DST Triple.

DST8000 Triple Pro measures, displays and documents all treatment sessions, including:

  • Time it takes to walk across parallel bar
  • Stairs height and time it takes to climb
  • Slope degree and time it takes to walk


DST8000 Pro

The Computerised DST monitors, tracks and displays patient’s performance in past and current treatment sessions, with a clear, objective and accurate Personal Chart of Progress – a document, generated automatically by the DST-System.

Medical institutions and health care professionals gain an invaluable database of thousands of Personal Progress Charts, each containing accumulated data of individual patients’ progress, according to age, pathology, and treatment duration. The database is extremely beneficial for a variety of studies and scientific research.

Features of DST8000 Pro:

  • Monitors, records and displays patient’s performance in past and current treatment sessions. Recorded data includes treatment dates, height of stairs, and patient’s time frames for ascents and descents.
  • With a click of a button, patient’s progress is displayed as a chart including all past sessions.
  • Generates progress charts for the patient, with the option to email results to medical staff for review and evaluation.
  • Creates a clear and objective document for physiotherapists, patients, physicians and insurance providers, to evaluate patient’s stairs usage and gait capabilities.
  • Creates a patient’s “DST Factor”, a unique parameter conveniently summarizing the patient’s current status and estimated potential for future improvement.
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