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Care of Sweden


Supplies a variety of pressure relief mattresses used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. These hospital bed mattresses are specifically designed to provide optimal support and comfort, making them essential for patients susceptible to such conditions.

Caters to municipalities, county councils, and private healthcare providers.

Care of Sweden is also a member of the industry organization for medical technology in Sweden.

A hospital bed mattress designed to redistribute weight effectively protects against the development of bedsores. By ensuring even distribution of pressure across the body, it significantly reduces the risk of pressure ulcers, enhancing patient comfort and promoting better health outcomes during prolonged periods of bed rest. This feature is crucial for patients with limited mobility, contributing to their overall care and recovery.

Featured Products


CuroCell A4

An automatic mattress system with a dynamic function, good comfort and functionality, the CuroCell® A4 aids in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries.

It has an automatic control unit with a user-friendly interface, and regulates independently the inner pressure of the mattress to different values based on the user’s weight and position.

Benefits of CuroCell® A4:

  • Individually replaceable cells
  • Unique CPR-function with transport function
  • Unique design for easy handling and usage
  • Fully automated pump that adapts individually
  • User-friendly interface with audible and visual notifications


Optimal 5zon

Intended for all healthcare environments as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

It has good pressure redistribution properties⁽²⁾ and is also equipped with our patented(5) DuoCore® sit function.

Optimal 5zon® is placed directly on the bed and replaces both the standard mattress and mattress pad.

Benefits of Optimal 5zon®:

  • Unique zone and module system give effective pressure equalization
  • Minimize the effects of shear forces
  • Hygienic cover is vapor permeable and easy to clean


Optimal Care

Made to meet the requirements for a modern mattress used in health care environments, Optimal Care is a pressure redistributing mattress divided into zones adapted to the body.

It also has reinforced sides to give support when getting into and out of bed.

Benefits of Optimal Care:

  • Relief pressure by redistribution of contact pressure
  • Module system on both sides which makes it reversible
  • Divided into zones adapted to body

Here is a list of the other products:

  • Seat Cushions – Curera
  • Positioning Pillows – Curera
  • Accessories such as Evacuation Sheet and Hygiene Covers Pillows
More Information

CuroCell A4 Hospital Bed Mattress

Experience enhanced comfort and pressure ulcer prevention with our CuroCell® A4 hospital bed mattress. Its automatic control unit adjusts pressure based on user weight and position, promoting optimal support. The pulsating mode combines low pressure and dynamic relief for added comfort and stability. Scientifically studied for efficacy, it comes with a hygienic cover for safety and hygiene compliance.

CuroCell A4 hospital bed mattress offers advanced characteristics tailored for hospital settings. Utilizing alternating pressure technology, it serves as an effective anti-decubitus solution, crucial for preventing pressure ulcers in patients. Equipped with an air pump, it ensures optimal pressure distribution and comfort. With a weight capacity of 200 kg (440.9 lb), it accommodates a wide range of patients, prioritizing their safety and well-being during hospital stays.

Optimal 5zon Mattress

The Optimal 5zon flexible mattress overlay offers comprehensive support in preventing pressure ulcers, making it an ideal choice for various healthcare settings. It effectively aids in preventing and treating pressure ulcers up to category 2, while also providing relief for pain therapy.

The mattress features highly elastic, premium-quality material combined with a unique zone and module system, ensuring effective pressure equalization to alleviate pressure points. Specifically engineered to minimize the impact of shear forces, it promotes comfort and reduces the risk of skin damage. With its patented sit function DuoCore, it offers optimal support while sitting and ensures comfort while lying down. Additionally, its vapour-permeable hygienic cover mitigates moisture buildup, lowering the risk of skin maceration. Easy to clean and boasting a well-documented hygienic standard, the covers contribute to maintaining a clean environment. An Evacuation Cover is also available upon request for added convenience and safety.

Optimal 5zon mattress features a high-quality core made of HR foam with a density of 65+50 kg/m³, providing excellent support and comfort. With a height of 14 cm, it is suitable for preventing and treating pressure ulcers up to and including category 2, as per the Mod. Norton, Braden scale, and Waterlow scale assessments. Recommended for users with weights ranging from 0 to 180 kg, its cover is easy to clean, allowing for wiping with cleaning agents and disinfectants, or machine washing at temperatures up to 95°C, with tumble drying options available.

Optimal Care Bed Mattress

The Optimal Care mattress combines excellent pressure redistribution with enhanced comfort, catering to modern healthcare needs. Engineered with body-adapted zones and reinforced sides for easy bed access, it meets rigorous standards for quality, support, and user comfort. Equipped with user-friendly labeling, Optimal Care offers various cover options to suit diverse preferences. Care of Sweden ensures hygiene and safety with its four-way stretch hygienic cover, meeting industry standards and reducing the risk of skin issues.

This hospital-grade bed mattress features advanced foam technology designed specifically for hospital beds, offering superior anti-decubitus properties. Tailored for hospital settings, this mattress ensures optimal pressure relief and comfort for patients, helping to prevent pressure ulcers.