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Body Charger


For over 40 years, Body Charger has been a driving force of helping people of all ages to get moving, stay active, and fulfil their life quality.

They have most friendly pieces of cardio equipment like Total Body Trainer, Recumbent Cross Trainer, Recumbent Stepper, Rehabilitation Treadmill, Elliptical, Exercise Bikes, Ergometer, Stepper, Rower, Strength Equipment, Stretch Trainer, etc., Body Charger Fitness continues to offer health solutions and transfers scientific findings into the advanced activities of daily life (ADL).

Featured Products


Active Series – Master

  • GB7009 Total Body Trainer Pro
  • GB5050 Upper and Lower Body Trainer Pro
  • GB5050 TX Hydraulic ABE Table
  • GB5050 MX Motorised UBE Table


Premium Series

  • GB9100 Upright Bike Pro
  • GB9200 Recumbent Bike Pro
  • GB9300 Elliptical Cross Trainer Pro
  • GS9400 Stepper Pro
  • GR9500 Rower Pro
  • GT9700 Motorized Treadmill


Recumbent Stepper

  • GB7016 Recumbent IEStep
  • GB7008 Recumbent Stepper Pro
  • GB7007 Recumbent Linear Stepper
  • GB7006 Recumber Cross Trainer Pro
  • GB7005 Recumber Cross Trainer
  • GB7005 Mini Recumbent Cross Trainer


Fitness Bike

  • GB5007 Ergo Bike


Rehab Treadmill

  • GBT8600 RF Rehab Motorised Treadmill
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