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BoBo Health delivers convenient, affordable and clinically measurable physiotherapy programs that are seamless and suitable for any location, any time. They turn common physical therapy exercises and tools into an interactive, gamified experience for improved patient engagement and increased rehabilitation rates.

Featured Products


BoBo Pro

Combining balance, aerobics flexibility and strength, BoBo Pro is a comprehensive solution that digitises all types of therapeutic exercises and tools to facilitate better patient outcome and more efficient practice. It delivers effective training and motivates your patients with fun and engaging exercise games for every fitness level.

It comes with a Pro Balance Board, wearble motion sensor and BoBo Pro 2.0 App that helps to measure patient progress, provide dynamic training programs and turn sessions into motivating games that make exercising fun and rewarding.


BoBo Wobbly

BoBo Wobbly turns balance exercise into a fun and interactive game. It comes with a Wobbly Balance Board, support cushion and the BoBo Balance Home App.

The Wobbly Balance Board has a one size fits all design, perfect for adults, kids and seniors. Its unstable bottom causes it to move in different directions, challenging your body to keep its balance, and is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall balance, coordination, posture, and visual sense.

As for the BoBo Balance Home App, check out its features:

  • Seamless connection between balance board and the app
  • Live bio-feedback available immediately on mobile device
  • Advanced movement tracking and balance-pattern analytics
  • Wide range of dynamic training programs designed for beginners and advanced users
  • Custom workout programs available
  • Interactive game-design motivates every user
  • 100% free, no monthly subscription, no charge for app updates
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