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BK Medical


From the very beginning, BK Medical has been committed to designing active imaging systems that help surgeons visualize anatomy and lesions, guide interventions, and navigate inside the human body.

Our mission at BK is to change the standard of care in surgical interventions with real-time visual guidance, giving surgeons the information needed to immediately make critical decisions.

Now, BK Medical is advancing its mission with GE Healthcare.

Together, we will reach more customers and continue to empower surgeons to make critical decisions that allow for better care, faster procedures, and reduced complications.

Featured Products


bkFusion – Prostate Biopsy

bkFusion is a fast, flexible, and effective MRI-ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy solution. bkFusion is clinically proven to have effective detection rates¹, it has a fast and simple workflow designed for urologists, and it offers the flexibility to choose from a range of options for transperineal and transrectal prostate biopsies.

bkFusion is the only MRI-ultrasound fusion solution guaranteed to work with your BK Medical ultrasound system and is powered by unique Predictive Fusion® software for image registration that you can rely on.


1. Immerzeel J., Israël B., Bomers J., et al. Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer: What Urologists Need to Know. Part 4: Transperineal Magnetic Resonance–Ultrasound Fusion Guided Biopsy Using Local Anesthesia. Journal of European Urology. 2021.


bk3000 – Ultra high-resolution Imaging for Urology

View real-time, ultra high-definition prostate images in sagittal and transverse planes for potentially faster examinations and biopsy procedures. Elastography helps identify regions of interest to perform more targeted and confident biopsies.

Our unique Triplane transducer with simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging capabilities allows you to interrogate the gland from apex to bladder neck.

The bk3000 enables exceptional kidney imaging, measurement, and biopsies. You’ll see fine anatomical details and variations, and measure flow. Excellent Doppler spatial and temporal resolution allows you to see vascularization not normally seen with conventional ultrasound.



bk5000 – Elevating Imaging with Speed and Efficiency


The bk5000 is designed to deliver high resolution images quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re identifying margins of a lesion or making a general assessment of an area of interest, the bk5000 has the power and performance to meet your needs.

The system has a rapid boot time and the battery allows for up to 2 hours of plug-free imaging. The No-touch Autogain means you can keep your focus on the image instead of on the equipment.

The bk5000 also features a remote control for convenient and effective operation in the sterile field. All this in a system with a small footprint that fits virtually everywhere.


The bk5000 offers a full suite of innovative technologies along with advanced controls and adjustments to help you achieve the best possible image quality, across many applications, including:

  • Outstanding color Doppler with superb spatial resolution and sensitivity.
  • Trucolor dynamic color flow allows you to see high resistance blood flow patterns in blood vessels.
  • Immediate, auto-optimized imaging using the No-touch Autogain and Auto Focus features.
  • Compatible with bkFusion: Fully integrated MRI-US fusion technology for prostate biopsies.
  • Elastography, an advanced imaging technique that allows you to see differences in tissue stiffness.
  • Unique Vector Flow Imaging (VFI) mode that enables angle-independent visualization of blood flow.
  • Contrast imaging that facilitates visualization of difficult lesions.
  • Advanced 3D imaging that provides structural details in optimal planes.


Systems that are shared across different departments need to be adaptable. With a wide range of transducers, the bk5000 can easily shift from one clinical application to another.

Choose from advanced laparoscopic, intraoperative, endocavity and percutaneous transducers, each of which have been fully validated for all common methods of sterilization.

Most transducers on the bk5000 feature the convenient Smart Button™ that enables you to activate the transducer, freeze, store or print the images at the press of a button.

The transducers can be connected and removed with one hand using a simple locking mechanism.

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